Just when I had to make a daring transition from red hair to ash-blonde hair, the world seems to be going gaga over the former. Yep, red hair has always kinda been in vogue but we’re talking about a very specific shade that the who’s who of Hollywood is obsessed with. You might know the exact shade we’re talking about since it happens to be all over the ‘gram.

However, let’s not forget how red hues are always the toughest to maintain. They need some extra TLC because red hair colour has larger molecules compared to every other colour out there, which means that it doesn’t penetrate deeper enough. If you’ve ever been a redhead, you might’ve noticed your colour washing out real quick. This is why that happens! Though, the best part about this particular shade is that there are a plethora of options available to choose from. There’s bright red, cherry red, mahogany red and our newest favourite— auburn. Our stunning A-listers have been enjoying this specific colour and its different tones a little too much lately. Here are a few celebrities that were spotted sporting the colour of the season.—

Kendall Jenner

Sydney Sweeney


Barbie Ferreira

Doja Cat

Sophie Turner

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