SS Rajamouli’s RRR hasn’t just done what it was expected to do, but perhaps, this Ramcharan, Jr NTR starrer has surpassed all expectations. The film clocked in a massive business of about 500-crore worldwide, while in India it’s made 91.50 crore so far. That’s not all, with such a positive word of mouth, the business continued to remain stable even on a Monday. I wonder, what is it which makes it the massive hit, it’s become, but on the other hand, one needs to see it to believe that it’s worth all the hype.

So, here’s pointing out 5 things which make RRR the blockbuster that it turned out to be!

SS Rajamouli’s vision

Not many film-makers can have such a wide vision – to make a film on the pre-independence era which is brimming with thrill, breath-taking action sequences, references from mythology with performances that just blow you. When you see RRR, you know that this is just a magical world created by Rajamouli, it’s just his world, which doesn’t exist in reality. Yet, it seems real because he makes you empathise with his characters and deeply root for them. Only he can plan and execute such long action sequences which leave you stunned. The fire scene where Ramcharan and Jr NTR’s characters meet each other for the first time isn’t anything we’ve seen before. This is just one scene amidst many others that are a visual treat. The background score to the editing and visual effects – it all plays smoothly in sync. All in all, it’s Rajamouli’s vision which makes RRR what it is!

Ramcharan in a never-seen-before avatar

For any of you, who’ve not yet been exposed to Ramcharan’s brilliance and aura as an actor will be mind-blown seeing the actor on-screen. His character is fire and he sets the screen ablaze with his larger-than-life presence. His angst as Ram and portrayal of a man on a mission who wouldn’t let anything compromise or come in between his patriotism – isn’t the kind of character I’ve seen before. Charan pulls all of all this with so much finesse that I could perhaps watch the film all over again for him!

Jr NTR’s tough outside clubbed with vulnerability

Jr NTR who plays Bheem is a tough guy who can beat a Tiger in this big action sequence and yet, he’s the guy whose emotions drive him. He gets teary eyes easily and his eyes speak all the time. It’s amazing how NTR has pulled this off so well.

The bromance we didn’t know we needed.

Hindi cinema needed another instance of ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge..’. Bheem and Ram’s bromance makes you smile, makes you teary eyed and penetrates straight to your heart. Yet, love isn’t blind here – love and friendship can take a backseat when it comes to the nation and when you have a larger goal in life. But their chemistry and bonding portrayed warms your heart and stays with you. The two actors have danced like poetry in Nacho Nacho and it’s not worth giving a miss.

The feeling of Patriotism it evokes

The film will leave you teary-eyed at least once and give you a feeling of unity as the people of India and what the country went through before independence. And yet, it’s not just about patriotism – it’s about one’s responsibility and giving up. All this is laced with such visual appeal, great dialogues and narrative.

Really, what’s not to like about RRR? I’m in awe and for those of you, who’ve not yet seen it – it’s a treat to watch on the 70mm so better not miss it!