You wanna know what’s one of our fav features of Instagram? Reels, where we spend hours conceptualizing, shooting, editing and posting content. Dancing is one of the aspects of it and also the key to anyone’s heart, amirite? Very recently, Badshah released a new song featuring Tamannaah Bhatia named ‘Tabahi‘ while we were still not even over ‘Jugnu‘. The beats of this song are so catchy that our creators couldn’t resist but hop on the dance bandwagon. So wear your dancing shoes and check out their moves!

Scroll down for their ‘Tabahi‘ performance…

1. Siddharth Nigam

Sid never misses an opportunity to dance and this is just one of them. As a matter of fact, he himself mentioned in his caption that he couldn’t resist but hop on this dance trend and we’re all just like him, aren’t we? Also, he knows how to keep his fans engaged by keeping the best for the last. If you wanna know what we’re talking about go check out the Reel yourself.

2. Surabhi & Samriddhi

Chinki Minki are a LIT sibling pair as they always manage to twin and win at their content much like this Reel. We love how they always wear such bright colours which indirectly even enhances the video. Them groovin‘ on the hook step of this song was defo a treat to our eyes.

3. Unnati & Manav

#Unnav as we all ship them, created ‘Tabahi‘ through this Reel only ‘cause they posted a dance routine together after ages. This dancing Jodi killed it at their performance, wouldn’t you say so too? We have to say, whoever shot this Reel is a fab videographer as it kept us hooked till the very end ‘cause of the way it’s angled.

4. Nagma Mirajkar

We gotta trust Nagma when it comes to adding unique twists and interesting transitions to her dance trends. ‘Cause this Reel too ‘blue‘ our minds away just like any of other Reels. Not to mention, her moves are so smooth and clean that any beginner can learn by watching her dance.

5. Sagar Bora

Sagar being the dancer he is, fired up the stage with the phenomenal Tamannaah Bhatia and created the ‘Tabahi‘ we wanted to watch. His moves are so effortlessly smooth that he kept us watching his Reel till the very end and that too on repeat. We have to say what a chumeshwari performance! <3

6. Neha Parulkar

Neha had this amazing series of ‘7 days of 7 party fits’ and on the 6th day, she used this trending audio to show us her fit check. She mentioned in her caption that this was something she’d never worn before and it’s necessary to sometimes step out of her comfort zone. She’s all about positivity and that’s what makes her content, ‘Tabahi‘!

7. Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar

Thechubbytwirler is giving us a major throwback to the good old ‘Holi-days‘! This Reel is about all things colourful. We loved how on every second beat there was a new outfit for us to see. Paired with some amazing transitions that she gave had us till the very end of this Reel. And gawd her moves were soo firey, wasn’t it?

Please give a round of applause to all the creators who jumped on this dance trend as they indeed did a fantastic job. Just a small reminder for you: Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle. So, keep grooving and twirling till your very best. On that note, we hope you’re staying safe.

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