India’s OG ‘Macaron Queen’, Pooja Dhingra has donned so many hats in her sweet journey.  From a patissier chef to a cookbook author to an entrepreneur there is no denying that Pooja has come a long way and has turned her passion into a journey of milestones. For starters, did you know that Pooja started baking at the age of 6 itself? Well, her passion for cooking and baking never took a backseat. No sugarcoating, but Pooja today is ‘baking’ a leg by winning 7 million hearts with her yummy and drool-worthy desserts.

She’s here to ‘bake’ the world a better place!

We got a chance to know the ‘Macaron Queen Of India’ a little better while she was shooting for the Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini. Scroll down to read what she said in her recent interview.

How does it feel to feature on the Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini?

I feel like it’s been such an honour. Like I was saying 10-12 years ago when I started, who would have thought a chef would be on a calendar as prestigious as this. So, I just you know love being a part of this journey and this change and yeah, I’m very happy.

Famously known as ‘Macaron Queen’, what made you innovate this recipe for Indians?  

I fell in love with macarons when I was in Paris and my dream was to bring them back to India and I’m happy to have done that.

If you met your 15-year-old self, what would you like to tell her?

I would like to tell her to not be so afraid, to be patient, and to breathe ’cause everything will eventually fall into place.  

Every chef has a secret recipe, what’s yours?

The secret ingredient is always love and intention!

Pooja Dhingra revealed some super cool and fiery insiders about herself in the rapid-fire segment. Not just that, she totally aced the ‘Game Of Faves’ like a pro. Well, did you know Pooja’s favourite vacation spots are Paris and Japan and that she’s afraid of snakes? So, if you wanna know more exciting quirky facts about Pooja that you probably did not know, then you have to watch the entire video below!

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