Actor Atul Kulkarni undoubtedly is one of the fine actors we have and his iconic performances in films like Hey Ram or Rang De Basanti prove that. As far as his recent work is concerned, he’s gotten some great accolades for A Thursday while another series Rudra : The Edge Of Darkness also drops today on Disney + Hotstar.

Ask the actor his reaction on the script when Rudra was offered to him and his prep of the show, he says,

“I thought the script was wonderful. I think Rudra has everything. Of course, it’s a thriller but it has a lot of emotions. It’s about relationships and the complexities of relationships which the characters have. It’s a very ideal script I felt. For me the story tops because if the story doesn’t work, none of the characters work. Our story-teller and director, Rajesh Mapuskar had his vision so, all this was a tick in itself. You always draw from the script and what the director is telling you. I had wonderful material to draw from. A show is almost like two-three films your journey of a character is really long. So, as an actor you have to read the script again and again and keep the character at the back of your mind till you start shooting. It’s very intangible but all these things do help.”

The actor has been absolutely confident about this new show and considering the fact that he’s always been a part of such quality cinema, one can’t help but absolutely believe him. Kulkarni affirms, Rudra is the biggest show on OTT ever.

He adds,

“There are many people in our country who have not become a part of the audience on any OTT platforms, but I’m sure Rudra is a show which is going to bring in many people on OTT platforms. It has a great script, someone like Ajay Devgn headlining it with some other great actors and it’s streaming on Hotstar. It’s not only grand, it’s very deep, dark and emotional. It’s a story of characters. What more can one think of?”

The actor has had a long journey of 22 years with some incredible work to his name. Ask him if he’s satisfied and he only has one thing to say.

Atul expresses,

“I look for good stories and when you have good stories you automatically have good characters. I’ve been lucky enough to get such script and characters. I’m hoping that my luck continues as it’s continued for the last 22 years. My wish is that every time a good script or character is written, the director should at least think of me once. That’s my ambition”

Well, I totally hope so too considering an actor of his caliber deserves to be seen in the best of scripts and roles and perhaps not many people could have done justice to the roles he’s done in his career. Rudra starts streaming today and has already begun to get great reviews.