One thing that content creation has taught us is that it’s important to be true to your niche at the same time love what you’re doing. And Nidhi Kumar is a perfect example of this statement. She loves dancing, choreographing, teaching and ofc making Reels for us, hehe. She makes it a point to add humorous as well as mini vlogs to her feed which we absolutely love. Not to mention, she also has her own studio where she teaches some fab choreos. So scroll down to virtually #DanceWithNids!

A choreography for one & all!

1. A choreo for your soul

This choreo honestly calmed our souls. Is there a dance form that Nidhi can’t slay at? This semi-classical performance of everyone’s loved song, ‘Chaand Baaliyan‘ that too in an Indian outfit without a doubt truly reached our hearts. She matched and justified each lyric to her actions.

2. A choreo to watch on loop

We’ve been loving Nidhi’s semi-classical performances that we can’t help but watch them on loop. We have yet another Reel by her which is choreographed by Rahul Sharma and by god their expressions are to die for. Btw, she learnt this in 10 minutes and in one take the Reel was shot also, looks like Nids is a super-fast learner.

3. A choreo to pump up your inner dancer

This is what happens when two dancers rock the stage with their mind-blowing, smooth and hatke performance. Yes, they tend to radiate energetic vibes through their screens. This Reel is an outcome of Aadil Khan‘s smooth moves paired with Nidhi’s choreo. So, watch it right away and get your feet tapping too.

4. A choreo to get nostaligic

20’s songs hit different when they’re played, right? Much like this one. Nid’s can twist with her ‘thumkas‘ so flawlessly. All she needs is some music for her inner queen to waken. Also, if there’s Love Aaj Kal part 3 we need to start a petition for Nidhi to choreograph all their songs.

5. A choreo for the Sangeet you’ve been waiting for

Lately, a lot of Instagram songs and dance trends have been used for Sangeet’s ‘cause that’s the new trend, hehhe. We love how she and Harshita Mamtani have given a step to each of the lyrics in the songs. Also, let’s not unsee the shoes which are too a trend while dancing for weddings. On that note, you should totally add this to your saves not just for the audio but mainly for her spectacular choreography.

6. A choreo for Instagram Reels

For Nidhi dancing touches her soul and for us, she creates magic with her moves whether it’s trends or her own choreography. Even if she’s jumping on trends she never ends it without giving her own twists and that’s what we love to watch even more. Making a trend hers is exactly what she’s doing here but for that, you’d have to wait till the end.

7. A choreo for your heart

Last but not least a performance that’ll truly touch your heart. This contemporary duet choreography by Praseeth Nair just gave us goosebumps ‘cause it hit us right in the feels. This is just not an ordinary choreo, if you look deep into it there’s a meaning to it which is well explained by Nids in her caption. So, don’t forget to check it out.

Well, that’ll be an end from our side but there’s so much more to scroll at on her feed. She’s so energetic with all her performances and super dedicated to her niche. We only wish the best for her. On that note, we hope you’re safe and vaccinated.

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