Exclusive! 'The First Day When I Shot With Rishi Sir, I Forgot My Dialogues And Kept Admiring Him' : 'Sharmaji Namkeen' Actor Taaruk Raina

Exclusive! 'The First Day When I Shot With Rishi Sir, I Forgot My Dialogues And Kept Admiring Him' : 'Sharmaji Namkeen' Actor Taaruk Raina

Ankita Kanabar

Actor Taaruk Raina has some great following among the netizens with so many young girls having a crush on him. Now with Sharmaji Namkeen releasing, he's overwhelmed with all the response coming his way, but more than that he feels blessed to get a chance to play the late Rishi Kapoor's son in the film.

Recently, the actor was live with me from MissMalini's Instagram account where he spoke about his journey and experience on Sharmaji Namkeen.

Taaruk expressed,

"I was in denial earlier. I told myself, I wouldn't believe this till I'm on set. But then, I was over the moon to be playing Rishi Kapoor’s son in a film like this."

Further sharing anecdotes about his experience with Rishi Kapoor, Taaruk added,

"I consider myself so lucky that I got to spend time with him, when we didn’t even know they were his last days. We developed a special friendship with him. It was a tramp kind of set-up to shoot because it was a lower middle class background, so we were the only ones around each other. We used to talk about food a lot. Rishi ji was such a foodie that that everything on the set used to start with food and then, eventually it would flow to work. Also because the film revolved around food. The first time I did a scene with him, he was so amazing that I forgot to say my dialogues. I was just sitting there and admiring him. Luckily my director covered up for me. He was full of energy. You could never tell that something was bothering him. One night, we were shooting it was really cold. Our costumes weren’t exactly really warm. We just had one sweater for a temperature of 1 or 2 degree. We were stuck in a small car together watching the match on the phone till the shot was ready. So, these are the kind of memories I've had with him which I will cherish. Also, he would speak about the 70s and 80s and the life he's seen. When you hear about his experiences, that's when you realise, there's a reason why he is what he is."

Interestingly, Taaruk was 22 years old when he got this film and since then, it's been a long journey on this one. He's grown in the process of this film, especially for he got to work with legends like the late Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal.

Taaruk said,

"When you are working with or siting across the table with legends, you learn something new each time. The experience they have is incomparable. For example, Rishiji and Pareshji both, they don’t need anything on the set or have any problems They come on the set and know what to do. Actors get distracted with a lot of small things. They don’t have issues. They may have a circus running in front of them and they will only concentrate on their work. I want to have that kind of focus. It’s amazing to be in the same room as them. You have no choice but to be your best when you’re in the same room as Rishi Kapoor or Paresh Rawal. You won’t even have to try, your body will do it, just with their energy."

These anecdotes from Taaruk are so heartwarming indeed, just like the film which straight away touched my heart.

You can watch the whole live session with Taaruk Raina here: