Social media platforms are the secret ginny that help us get information about anything and everything with just one click. Now, whether you are a fitness creator or someone looking for inspiration, or just wanting to find some useful tips for wellness, then consider this article as your wish come true! This ‘World Health Day’ we decided to spread healthy vibes by curating a special list of creators who are creating insightful and interesting content in the health and wellness niche.

Here they are:

1. Yasmin Karachiwala

Looking for some fitness inspiration this World Health Day? Yasmin Karachiwala has got you covered. She’s a popular fitness creator and celebrity trainer whose workout, wellness and healthy diet plans have been a great success in making people more fit. No doubt, her account is our go-to when it comes to pilates, hehe. Also, now we know when life is full of ups and downs we gotta swing with it while doing push-ups!

2. Deanne Panday

Deanne Panday is one such creator who has been giving us some serious ‘fitspiration’. With her unstoppable attitude, she proves that one can have a healthy lifestyle even while travelling. If you don’t believe us, then watch this Reel right away. So, are you ready to make and maintain a healthy lifestyle switch? Hell yeah, we surely are!

3. Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho’s content is exactly what you need to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. His vision of wellness is broad and his content is highly insightful. Moreover, his advice and reasoning towards multiple aspects of life really opened our minds to new ideas. Following an account like Luke’s will help you get your health and wellness priorities right!

4. Larissa D’Sa

Larissa is a well-known lifestyle creator who inspires, encourages, and motivates people to switch their routines to healthier ones. She believes health is a broad term that includes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She took a step to change her routine and started a ‘4:00 am with Larsa. Little did she know that her community will grow so much and that her content will transform lives. Brb, need to set my alarm for 4 o clock.

5. GunjanShouts

Gunjan is a digital creator who reveals the secret of healthy living through her content. Moreover, her content on social media is quite relatable and very motivating. Gunjan’s main aim is to help people transform into better versions of themselves and therefore her content is all about diet, workout plans, and some mindful thoughts.

6. Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Who said doctors can’t be insightful and fun at the same time? Dr. Siddhant is one of our personal faves! He’s not only a doctor but also a lifestyle and weight-management expert. Having a healthy nutritious lifestyle is what he promotes through his platform. We can totally relate to him and his genuine videos that keep us glued to our screens and his feed.

If you are looking to makeover your existing lifestyle into a healthier one then these wellness creators are a must follow! This ‘World Health Day’ let’s promise ourselves to prioritize our health and take out time to stay fit and fab. We hope you’re taking care of yourself by staying safe ‘cause of the new Covid variant and at the same time being well-informed.

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