Ramcharan: 'Discipline Will Take You To Stardom And Sustain You Here'

Ramcharan: 'Discipline Will Take You To Stardom And Sustain You Here'

Ankita Kanabar

While Ramcharan already was being called the mega star in the south, it's with RRR that his fan-following has reached to the next level and he's become a Pan-India star. Those who've seen RRR cannot stop gushing over the film and the performances of Ramcharan and Jr NTR in it. Recently, the team celebrated the success of RRR which has garnered about 1000 crores so far, globally.

When Ramcharan was asked what stardom means to him, now that he's achieved superstardom, here's what he had to say. I'm sure his answer will leave you inspired.

Ramcharan said,

"Superstardom for me is waking up at 5 am, reaching the location at 7am, giving the shot at 7 30am, going home, spend one hour with family, hit the gym, sleep and do the same thing again tomorrow. You won’t achieve superstardom unless you are in this beautiful loop. It might sound boring but this boring activity might lead you to success. Of course, there are master story-tellers, who take care of rest of the things. But as a person, I feel ,discipline will take you to stardom and sustain you here."

Somehow, many people feel that it's Ramcharan who stole the show and has taken away all the limelight post RRR, as compared his co-star Jr NTR. Ramcharan dismissed that and shared that working with NTR was the best part for him.

He added,

"I don’t believe that at all. Not even for a second. We both have excelled beautifully and Tarak has done a fantastic job. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed working in any film as much as I did in RRR. What I take back from the film is my journey with Tarak. Thank you Rajamouli for giving me that opportunity. I love Tarak to bits and it will always remain the same."

I'm absolutely loving the bonding between these two actors. Not to mention, Ramcharan's humility and discipline is inspiring and how! SS Rajamouli and the actors were also questioned at the success bash about the possibility of RRR 2 and the actors said they are more than ready. It all depends on film-maker Rajamouli. Well, I secretly hope that happens and very soon!