Since the Covid regulations have been lifted in many countries everyone’s first want is to travel, isn’t it? Similarly many creators too are visiting different parts of the world and taking us virtually through it all. Instagram kinda keeps us connected to everything that creators are up to. Therefore, one such creator squad that recently visited Switzerland and took us through all their fun shenanigans was Atrangz. Scroll down to watch how they entertained us with their oh-so-awesome content.

Have a ‘Swiss-sational‘ time!

1. A tribute to the OG, Charlie Chaplin

Awez Darbar paid a fun tribute to the legend, Charlie Chaplin at the ‘Chaplin’s World in Montreux’, and this Reel literally made us go back in time with its B&W filming. From the attire to the song chosen to the mustache to his walk, everything is perfectly recreated by Awez. Being a fan of film buffs he couldn’t resist but make this one. Check it out right away as it’s way too good!

2. The making of Swiss chocolates

Swiss chocolates are honestly to die for and looking at Anam Darbar creating her personalized melon chocolate bar is making our mouths drool! This ‘Funky Chocolate Club‘ in Interlaken has our hearts. From melting the rich flavored chocolate to piping it and making her watermelon design she has made this Reel our favourite of all. Brb, ordering a few Swiss thins to not feel the void, hehe.

3. Panoramic views in Bolly style

This Reel was shot at a revolving restaurant named ‘Schilthorn, Piz Gloria’. And oh damn, Zaid Darbar made us remember a movie that will and always have a special place in our hearts, YJHD. Also, when he blew the snow towards the camera it legit felt like a cool breeze of air radiating through our Instagram feed. If we had to define this Reel in a word it would defo be ‘Subhanallah’.

4. Geneva in a Reel

Being in Switzerland and not visiting Geneva is as good as doing a crime, which Naveen Sharma and the squad didn’t make, hehe. Ilahi has to be the perfect song to show us this beautiful city in under 60 seconds. He showed us snippets of everything the fountain, the sea, the roads, all of it which is totally giving us a feeling of sukoon.

5. Bond James Bond – 007

If you’re a James Bond fan well then, this Reel is a visual representation of all things you’d love. MohammedAli Mirajkar’s accurate gunshots really got to us, hehe. This was too shot at ‘Schilthorn, Piz Gloria‘ and it took us back to all his movies.

6.  Wavin‘ together

Friends, who wave and rave together slay together, hehe! This Reel posted by Nagma Mirajkar literally sums up how fun the entire trip was for them. All we see is happy smiles, laughter, enjoyment and a ‘splash’ of good time at ‘JetBot, Interlaken’. Brb, checking flight tickets ‘cause we can’t contain our excitement.  

These are just a few Reels from their amazing trip. There’s a lot more content on their feed which includes some funky and quirky pictures as well as locations. So, don’t forget to check it out if you’re planning a trip to Swiss as this would defo help you to plan out better.

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