Ever since the trailer of KGF Chapter 2 has been launched, my excitement for this sequel is at its peak. But what’s actually heartwarming is the fact that the success of KGF is an inspiration to Indian cinema on the whole. It was a leap forward for an entire industry and it lead to blurring boundaries between Hindi and Kannada cinema. This just shows that the team’s vision was so wide as opposed to just bringing fame, success or money to its core team. When Rocking Star Yash confessed at the trailer launch event of chapter 2 that this film is for the Kannada film industry and he should get least credit for KGF, it touched me.

Recently, actress Srinidhi Shetty and Yash got into a conversation with Shravan Shah, Entertainment Head, MissMalini and the actor elaborated further on why he wants to take the least credit for KGF.

Yash said,

“I also see myself as a technician because I spend a lot of time with technicians trying to understand, why they do what they’re doing. I’ve come from theatre so it’s never about performance for me. Performance comes last. When I know the set is right, lighting is right, the co-actor is in the right mode; then in between all that, I’ll figure out how to act. My approach is always reverse. For me, it’s always about them. The technicians don’t get their due but for a film like this. It’s never about the hero on-screen, it’s about the heroes behind the scenes who work really hard. But I have to carry their hard work and the film on my shoulders which I do with a lot of grace because I love their work and trust them. That’s where I come in.”

The journey on KGF Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 has indeed been long for the cast and crew and undoubtedly, they would be emotionally attached to it. When asked if they were emotional on the last day of shoot, here’s what Yash had to say.

The actor added,

“We were emotional thinking it’s the last shot but after that also we shot (Laughs). I generally don’t get attached to anything but it’s not about the project, it’s about the people. We spent such good time on it, we had a vision. It started with making a good Kannada film and then it took a different shape and became a Pan-India film. There’s no boundary now. People are enjoying it everywhere. This film has given us a lot. I was not even married when we started KGF 1 and now I have two kids. So, it’s been a whole journey on this.”

Clearly, the actor has come a long way and the film has gotten to a different pedestal all together. I’m only hoping that KGF 2 is going to rise above KGF and only get bigger in terms of its achievement and appeal. It’s set to release on April 14 and I cannot wait!

Meanwhile, you can watch this full interview below: