To be extremely honest, we now feel like a part of the Hegde and Shetty sisters clan, all thanks to Aashna‘s super fun videos that give us an insight into their amazing bond. Their sibling bond is all about sticking with each other through thick and thin and being super supportive of each other’s life goals. We simply can’t stop watching these aww-dorable‘ peeps spend time together. Now, scroll your way through their cuteness.

Sisters before misters!

1. Matching Tattoos

It all started with Khushi and Pakhi getting matching tattoos to commemorate their cute mother-daughter bond and ended with all the sisters getting one instead, haha. After all, siblings who get matching tattoos together, stay together. We love how it’s the Shetty sister’s first tattoo and how it’s all about the sibling love ‘always’ for them.

2. Vision Boards

Ngl, we love how they’re so close to each other and always doing things together, including manifestations. Be it cooking, make-overs, photoshoots, or vision boards, they’re always in it together and setting #SiblingGoals through it all, haina? Here’s to these sisters achieving everything they’ve envisioned for themselves.

3. Most Likey To…

Esha, we’re with you on this. Apocalypse is a difficult word to pronounce ya! Even to spell (sigh). Anyway, isn’t their bond really contagious? Once you start watching them together, you’re bound to get addicted to their fun energies. Also, we love how they know each other so damn well.

4. Stylists FTW

Let’s all admit that when it comes to styling or getting approval on our OOTDs, siblings are the best choice to look up to. They surprisingly have a no-nonsense attitude in this department and always give the best advice and options to choose from, wouldn’t you agree? Tbh, Aashna looks her best in all the outfits picked by her wonderful sistas.

5. Humming Challenge

Happiness is doing the most random and fun things while spending quality time with our siblings, agreed? You’re lying if you say that you haven’t tried the humming or the whisper challenge with your siblings or friends. After hours of scrolling through YouTube, you can’t help but try these challenges out yourself much like these behens, hehe.

6. Keeping up with the Hegdes

Aashna’s recent upload had Khushi and her, recreate the iconic pictures of the Jenner sisters and the outcome is uncanny. Much like the Shetty sisters, even we had our jaws on the floor watching them both nail the recreation to the tee. Right from the outfits, backdrops, makeup, and poses to the editing, it’s absolutely brilliant how accurate these pictures turned out. Hats off to the team.

Needless to say, these 4 have our hearts and we wish to watch them succeed in life. On that note, we hope you’re safe and vaccinated. Follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.