It’s that time of the year when Instagram is full of wedding content. Virtually watching creators tie the knot with their beau leaves me awestruck to another level. Speaking of weddings, the most loved couple Niki Mehra and Sid Madan were the talk of the town for the longest. And guess what, the wait for #NikigotSiduced was every bit worth it. I have to confess, for me it was nothing less than love at the first scroll, hehe. Well, are you ready to virtually experience their absolute filmy and dreamy Shaadi saga once again?

Get ready for the madness…

1. Traditional Sagan

I guess no bride can beat Niki Mehra’s dedication, isn’t it? Did you know her Sagan outfit came all the way from the lanes of Pakistan? ‘Aww‘, they both look super adorable here. Brb, I need to find a guy who looks at me just like how Sid looks at Niki! 😛

2. Sundowner Bash

Every couple has something special about them, and the special thing about Niki and Sid is that they are adorable and goofy at the same time. The couple had a surreal white welcome beach sundowner for their close friends and family. And they looked nothing less than a prince and princess on this day!

3. Colourful Mehendi

OMG, loved the colourful and tropical themed Mehendi celebration of Niki and Sid. Also, I just cant stop playing this Reel of Sid finding his name on Niki’s hands on loop, it’s super cute, haina? Well, don’t forget to check out Niki’s surprise dance with her bridesmaids on this day.

4. Bollywood Sangeet Night

The couple decided to go all out for Sangeet. Sid did not want to do anything super romantic but filmy and fun. And to match the vibe, this song was the perfect addition to their performance. Also, can I just take a moment to appreciate how stunning they look here! The whole dance feels like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie. Tell me if I am wrong here.

5. Happy Haldi

The entire family coming together to celebrate the love of two individuals is simply the most beautiful thing ever, amirite? Niki and Sid’s haldi was as hatke as it could get and watching these two enjoy this ceremony to the fullest made me apply a ‘virtual kaala teeka‘ to these two lovebirds.

6. Dreamy Wedding

I gotta say, Niki and Sid’s wedding was just like a dream come true. Tbh, it could not get any more filmy. The most awaited punjabi wedding of the season was all about masti and fun and I’m defo gonna take a while to get over this beautiful grand wedding that speak goals.

Honestly, I could just go on writing about the wedding, there was so much that happened and so much that made it memorable, but for now I would like to conclude by wishing the newlyweds a very happy and prosperous married life.

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