Oh heavens, is it hot or what? I know we tend to say this every year but this summer has to be the hottest one yet! This proves to be quite an issue when it comes to dressing up because if you are anything like me, you would rather have the AC on full blast and skip going out altogether. I mean, if you are sweating buckets right after a shower, how is anyone expected to get dressed after that, amirite?

Thanks to these experiences though, I have figured out a few key tips that work for me when it comes to dressing up in the summer. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, I hope these tips help you too!

Shorts are your BFF

If I could live in any item of clothing, it would be shorts and come summer, that’s the only clothes pile that sees consistent action. While you obviously can’t wear shorts to a board meeting, you do have access to a variety of different styles of shorts from casual to semi-formal that can go from day to night quite easily.

Cutouts and crops

Summertime is the right time to flaunt a little skin and not shy away from wearing crop tops in different styles. Cutouts on dresses, tops, swimwear and even pants can be a lovely way to amp up your look.

Loose fits make all the difference

Anything that sticks to you and is figure-hugging can go. This is the season to embrace loose fit style, from your kaftans to flowy dresses or loose, wide pants—anything that is loose and not clinging to your soon-to-be sweaty skin is what you need to pick. It helps that anything voluminous is also on-trend, so you will be trendy and also feel free. As they say, two birds, one stone.

Fabric matters

Synthetic fabrics can be packed away in the summer because I don’t care how good we may look in them, they are the last items that’ll be able to keep you cool in the middle of a heatwave, that’s for sure. Breathable, natural fabrics like cotton and linen should be your top go-to’s because they are both comfortable and stylish. You can opt for a few linen staples (yes, like a white shirt!) and supplement with cotton items because it is true that linen is a little more expensive.

The thing about sleeves

If like me you are plagued with the issue of sweat patches on your clothes, a good hack is to find sleeveless clothes with slightly wider armholes. If sleeves are unavoidable, your best friend will be good antiperspirant and breathable fabrics like cotton or dri-fit if you are working out. Also, it may make sense to carry a light stole or jacket to use in case you need to hide the sweat patches.

What about footwear?

Because of the concentration of sweat glands in your armpits, palms and feet, these areas tend to sweat the most, so in the summer, try to avoid closed footwear if you have this issue. Now flip flops can be a little too casual, so instead you can opt for slides or any style of open-toe footwear just so your feet can breathe a little.

Accessorise right

Anyone who is even slightly into fashion knows that an outfit can go from regular to chic simply by accessorising correctly. Sunglasses, hats, a brightly coloured bag or purse and light and simple jewellery all have the ability to elevate your overall look.

Pick colours that are light and bright

Everyone knows about the all-white classic look being max cooling, but that doesn’t mean one has to avoid colour altogether. Light colours are the easiest way to stay cool and bright colours are a great way to stand out. But it helps to note that bright colours do show sweat stains more prominently, so pick wisely.  

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