Exclusive! 'I'm Destiny's Child And Most Actors Feel That About Themselves' : Nimrat Kaur

Exclusive! 'I'm Destiny's Child And Most Actors Feel That About Themselves' : Nimrat Kaur

Ankita Kanabar

Actress Nimrat Kaur has been getting so many accolades for her performance as Bimmo in Dasvi. I'm completely smitten by her ever since I saw the film. Recently, Nimrat got into a conversation with our boss lady, Malini Agarwal on Clubhouse about the film and much more. Interestingly, the actress had put on 15kilos of weight for the film.

Nimrat shared,

"I shot for Dasvi which was mid-pandemic and that's where I got stuck because I had to put on 15 kilos for the part. We shot for three days and then and I had to sustain the weight till we shoot again. I tried my best to keep most of it on place. So, I had that weight on for one year pretty much."

Somehow, the actress always exudes very confident vibes and it's commendable to be that at a time when most people have gotten insecure about getting work amidst the pandemic. When asked about that, here's what Nimrat had to say.

Nimrat added,

"I think I'm destiny's child and most actors feel that about themselves because when things click, you don't even know why they click. You don't know what you did, for you to be picked up for a project. That's what The Lunchbox did for me. It was really providence and then Homeland followed and Airlift happened, then Wayward Pines happened which is a show I did for Fox TV. Then I came back and did The Test Case Here, post which, I went back and did Homeland season 8. I was originally not even signed up for season 4 so, I was delighted to be a part of season 8. After that, I shot for Dasvi. It's just been rolling on its on. Life has a plan and you just have to surrender to it and make choices when life presents them to you. I just come and get picked up. I just get swept away by the wind. It's marvellous to sometimes observe my life because I know what little part I have to play in these decisions except for just taking them."

While Nimrat admits to being destiny's child and just going by the flow, she's always been sure about things she doesn't want to associate herself with.

The actress confessed,

"I've just been very clear about what I don't want to do. That's the clarity I've had, be it fairness products or anything that was related to body image or anything pushing the idea of artificiality in any way. I recall that even as a model, I made sure I bind with choices that I'll be comfortable working with. I'll never have any regrets about it even if things are not working the way I'd want them to."

That's indeed is a commendable stand and confidence that's worth appreciating. No wonder, the actress has come such a long way and gotten the love that she's received for her work. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of Nimrat on-screen!