YouTube has been a big part of content creation. Before Instagram, YouTube was our only source of entertainment whether it was for comedy clips or animated videos. One of the YouTube creators, Prashant a.k.a. Angry Prash is India’s leading animated content creator with an anonymous face and very recently he released part 2 of Aladdin out of the 3-part series after nine long years. And guess what, it has garnered over 2 million views already.

Check the video out right here!

For everyone who doesn't know, his Aladdin series shows the classic story of Aladdin but with a super-cool twist to it. The twist is that he has taken the inspiration from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean in this part, isn't that super cool? This video has high-quality animations created by him and his team and we're absolutely mind-blown. 'Cause, it's not at all easy to create animations. It requires various software and tools. But let us tell you, Prash being a premier animator has created his niche by only using a simple tool which is MS-Paint for all his creations. Also, if you're wondering and want to see Part-1 of this series just scroll down.

We asked him a few questions and this is what he has to say...

1. How did you come up with this idea and concept

Animation in India is a very niche and taboo genre and I believed it needed to be explored. I initially started with making engineering related content and never thought that I would enter the comic world. My first CAD design didn’t work that well, so I started 'Angry Prash' where I started by posting rant videos. I would animate the videos on MS-Paint and give voiceover and post them. What happened next is history.

2. What type of challenges did you face?

The challenges I faced are the same as other social media creators whose identities are known. It was difficult for me to explain to my parents why I was dropping out of engineering school and pursuing a career as a YouTuber. Where I come from, the people in the society are still a little orthodox and do not see social media content creation as a viable career option. Also, since I animate my videos on MS-Paint, initially it used to take up a lot of time to complete a video. But now that my parents, friends and family are with me, the universe is repaying me by growing my digital family in number and love every day.

3. Speaking about your content niche, animation, what do you think is the scope of animators in the digital industry?

In India, as I said previously, the animation industry has a niche. It is often assumed to be something for children. We hadn’t witnessed any animated content for adults in the country so far. We have an enormous number of animators in India, but what we lack are content and acceptance. All the animation work they do is for the companies overseas. I feel really happy and proud to have taken a step in the direction that could change the course of the animation industry in our country.  When I started my animation channel there were only a handful of other channels. But now, the times are changing. Each day, I come across animated content on YouTube channels that are putting out fine content. If I can create a platform to inspire new talents to evolve into the animation field it would be really considerable for me.

4. Did you expect to receive so much love from your fans

When I started creating content, I was doing it purely for myself. It was a channel for me to let out my frustration. Little did I know that the audience too would relate to it and show so much love! I truly believe that Angry Prash is the result of the audience’s love and hence, it is by the audience, for the audience. The love I receive everyday from them is what keeps me going.

5. An advice you would want to give to all budding content creators out there?

I don’t feel I am that accomplished to be giving out advice, but being a friend to the creator community I would like to advise them to focus on the quality of the content over any other aspect of art.

6. Reveal an unknown fact about Aladdin content that no one knows till now

So far, everyone who has watched my Aladdin series knows that I love to add a twist to the classic tale. The third episode will also have an unexpected twist that I cannot reveal at the moment. But I could share that most of it will be on the water.

7. What can we expect from you in the near future?

I am focusing on creating more quality content, so there will be more episodic videos coming in the year and also have some plans for the new-age technology.

We're super proud of Prash as he has not only made a mark for himself but has also inspired a lot of budding animators to fulfill their dreams. Now we can't wait for Part 2 to release super soon with more twists and turns as he has mentioned above. On that note, we hope all of you are safe and vaccinated. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, and creators.