Nikunj Lotia popularly known as Be YouNick is a multi-talented content creator who’s making a mark on the ‘gram and our hearts. He has donned many hats from bartending to working at a call center to being a wedding planner. But today he is a famous content creator who’s entertaining his fans with his unique, relatable and witty content. Tbh, his USP of being unique and hilarious is what makes him stand out from the others.

He’s here to win hearts with his uniqueness!

We gotta chance to know Be YouNick a lil‘ better while he was shooting for the Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini . Scroll down to read what he said in his recent interview with us.

Does content creation help you explore and try new things in life?

A lot of new things actually, it helped me explore a lot of things. Well, because of content creation I got to travel around the world. And, today I have different businesses in different parts of the world and it’s all because of what, content creation!

Your digital journey started with a YouTube channel named, ‘Not So Funny’. Well, what made you shift to ‘Be YouNick’?

I mean I was just actually looking out for names and I just found ‘Not So Funny‘ too good and to be very honest it turned out to be how the name was. So, I just changed the name and called it Be YouNick.

Tell us a little more about your quirky Instagram bio that says, ‘It’s either time for chai or it’s time for beer’?

To be very honest, I just have a cup of chai and then after my shoot, I just have a beer, pretty much my life defined in one line.

Well, Be YouNick totally aced the game segment which was about mentioning a word that came to his mind when we said… like a pro. Also, did you know that Be YouNick would love to bartend professionally if not content creation? He also excelled in all the maths subjects in school! So, if you wanna know more exciting insiders and quirky facts that you probably did not know about Be YouNick, then you have to watch the entire video below!

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