After the humungous success of KGF Chapter 1, fans including me had been desperately waiting for KGF Chapter 2 to release and I must say, I’m not disappointed. I was literally blown away by the film’s scale, cinematography, Hindi dubbed dialogues, performances and most importantly, the heroism which the film depicts. So, let me pick out five reasons why this film has become a mega blockbuster and hit the 100 crore mark within two days itself. Films like RRR and now KGF 2 further reinstate the fact that despite the rise of the OTT medium, some films just deserved to be watch on the big-screen for they give you an adrenaline rush and only a theatrical experience will do justice to its quality.

Here are five things I’ve loved about KGF 2!

Rocking Star Yash and his entry sequence

I’m not really exaggerating here, but I’ve never really seen any hero’s entry better than this on celluloid! Those of you who’ve seen the film will agree with me. While all of us are going towards realism in cinema, I believe we shouldn’t lose out on the charm of the larger-than-life world, heroic entries, cinematic appeal and visually stunning sequences. You will be floored by Rocking Star Yash’s entry scene in KGF 2 which perfectly sets the tone of this film and his character. And for the record, it’s so good that I don’t mind going to the theatre again only to watch this scene. Overall, Yash is the soul of the film and has done a fabulous job throughout. But due credit must also be given to director Prashanth Neel’s writing and direction – for he brings to you this cinematic hero with unmatchable charm and aura.

The action sequences and the gripping narrative

The action sequences are quite thrilling and the visual effects are impressive. Also, the non-linear form of narrative keeps you on the edge of the seat to find out what’s next. What I loved is how every character somehow stays with you.

Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Adheera’ Act

Sanjay Dutt plays Adheera in the film and this is perhaps his best performance post his Kancha Cheena act in Agneepath. From his entry scene to making you intimidated every time he is in frame – Dutt is convincing to the tee. Yes, his kohl-filled eyes and the overall look can even send chills down your spine – but that’s just why he is one of the USPs of KGF 2.

Cinematography and visual appeal

Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography is absolutely breath-taking and that’s one of the major reasons to watch KGF 2 only on the big screen. The magic of cinema and the big-screen is something else, and I’m absolutely thrilled by the fact that there are films like RRR and KGF 2 preserving that essence. The visual effects deserve a special mention too.

Raveena Tandon’s stellar act

Ramika Sen played by Raveena Tandon is the perfect contradiction to Yash’s Rocky bhai. She sinks her teeth deep into her character and makes an impact even though it’s only in the second half that you see her. Raveena is definitely one of the film’s USPs.

Overall, it’s Prashanth Neel’s vision which makes KGF 2 what it is. You don’t go to watch such films for logic or reality – rather, films like KGF 2 that lure you into the magical world of cinema and its larger-than-life appeal; where sometimes you don’t ask for logic.