As Aisha Banerjee from Wake Up Sid stated in her article, “Iss sheher ke baare mein main kya keh sakti thi, jo pehle nahi kaha gaya ho”. Mumbai is not just a city but a feeling. It’s a dynamic hub for everyone to dwell in seamlessly. This city gives wings to the dreamers, creators, and doers alike. Well, it’s ‘Bom-bae’ for a reason and some of our favorite creators seem to agree as well. Scroll your way through these Reels as they share their cozy moments with the city of dreams.

Zara hatke zara bachke yeh hai Bombay meri jaan…

1. Meghna Kaur

The scenic beauty of Bambai nagaria is class apart and unmatched much like the aesthetics of the gorgeous Meghna Kaur. The city’s vibe fits her profile so well and we love to see her give a tribute to the city she calls home through this Reel.

2. Radhika Seth

When Ms. Banerjee said, “Iss sheher mein jahan har waqt sab kuchh badalta rehta hai, bas ek samundar hi jo nahi badalta. Humesha yahin rehta hai”, we felt that. Radhika looks stunning as she dances to the tunes of ‘hawayein’ by the beach in Mumbai. A creator’s life involves hours of work involving a ton of coordination with people. A stroll by the beach is the best way to detox in such a case.

3. Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal’s mini vlog from his time in Mumbai is a classic example of Freddy Birdy’s quote, “You come for a city. You stay for a person.” While the city itself clutches its warm arms around you, the people are what makes it all worth it. A bunch of creators landed in this city with a suitcase in their hand and dreams in their heads, after years of hard work and networking we love to see them all collaborate with each other.

4. Diksha Rawat

From breakfast, shopping, exquisite lunch and dinner places alike along with art galleries, museums, Victorian architecture, beaches, pubs, and clubs, this city is basically a diamond mind for all creators. We love how Diksha and Vishnu are making most of their time here as they go about sightseeing.

5. Bhavika Motwani

Ngl, local trains are what makes Mumbai feel like ‘aamchi-Mumbai’ as they seamlessly connect all parts of the city to reach anywhere with ease. Also, you can’t call yourself a true Mumbaikar if you’ve never traveled in the local. At the same time, the observations in these trains and stories of people you travel with are a great place for content research.

6. Taneesha Mirwani

We love how this city glows even in black & white. Taneesha’s Reel shows how simple and amazing the nightlife of Bombay is. With long drives, roadside chai, chit-chatting with your friends, and letting the wind blow through your hair, Bombay is truly special and no other city can match its brilliance when it comes to exploring and creating. Needless to say, it’s a paradise for all content creators.  

Who else can’t wait to visit Mumbai now? It’s honestly a vibe. On that note, we hope that you’re safe and vaccinated. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.