Instagram literally makes us travel through the world, virtually. ZNMD taught us to live in the moment and travel through the world ‘cause tomorrow is never predictable. And the Maldives has been a place that we cant get ever get tired of, can we? The new friends in town, Ashi Khanna, Shruti Sinha, and Mehak Ghai recently travelled together, and honestly, if you’re travelling to the Maldives then you’re bound to have hundreds of stunning photos that would make it to Instagram. The new gal-pals in town shot some quirky and amazing Reels so, scroll down to check them out right now before it’s too late to miss out.

Love at first flight! ✈️

1. Airport look

Why do celebrities have all the fun, hehe? Airport looks have now become a ‘thing’ and all 3 of them posted their chic looks on their respective ‘grams. The architecture at the International airport in Mumbai is so aesthetic that any pictures would turn out pleasing to the eye, amirite?

2. Dear Maldives, this is the ‘sea-son

This is legit the season for the Maldives, ‘cause the temperature is way too hot to handle rn. Only if we could travel this quick and teleport ourselves to the Maldives we would have done it long back with this super-cool transition. We loved how they transitioned from their chic outfits to their beachwear in no time. Gurls, y’all are making ‘waves’ wherever y’all go.

3. Dancing on ‘TiK-ToK‘ by the pool

Watching these #FabGirls jump on an impromptu choreography that to this perfectly was honestly a #FabCollab. Let’s not forget the hurdle they passed while shooting this Reel, the rain! Ashi towards the end would have been all of us if we were in her spot, haha.

Who wouldn’t dance or make trending Reels while on a vacay? This dance choreography by Sagar Bora has been the talk of the ‘gram for quite some time now and we’ve been loving it. We’ve defo got our dose of ‘vitamin sea‘ in this burning heat after watching the dancing queens, Ashi and Shruti jump on this trend in their postcard-worthy background.

5. Spice girls feeling?

One thing we’re going to mention here is that they’re totally justifying their moves to the song they’ve used here, hehe. Their easy and quite literally breezy Reel makes us wanna make Reels with our trio friends as well. Also, the synchronization at the beginning was so damn good. If we ever make a Reel, sorry guys but we’re using this one as our reference for sure.

6. Literally feelin‘ it

The songs that kinda enhance the effect of the Reel are very important, especially for Reels like this one and Shruti has aced that game as well. She’s combined a few snippets of her moments near the beach and we’re really manifesting the same for us, lol. Btw, wait for the end where she makes us a part of her trip by throwing some sand around like confetti.

7. Mermaid in the ocean

If we had to caption this picture it would be sweet but salty, iykyk. Ashi Khanna looks no less than a mermaid here and the contrast of colours is making it more evident, right? Also, it looks like she’s had a ‘whale’ of a time there with her buddies.

Well, that were a few mains from their trip. Although they have so much more on their respective feeds. We can finally tick the ‘Maldives’ off their bucket list now. On that note, we hope that y’all are vaccinated and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.