Honestly, Instagram has made us shot videos which we would have never thought of posting also but all thanks to Reels. Every time we scroll through that section we watch so many different types of content from food to travel to dance to now mini-vlogs, all of it. We’re pretty sure you’re of the same opinion. But today we’re going to put on our dancing shoes ‘cause the fab dancer, Sagar Bora‘s choreographies are way too cool for us not to try them out. Scroll down to check a few of them right away.

Smooth like butter…

This choreography by him has spread over the ‘gram like a wildfire in no time. It’s become such a huge trend that even a few famous personalities have jumped on it. What makes this Reel super special is his simple yet so damn smooth moves along with his friends, Gunjan Sinha and Melissa Jangam to dance along. ‘Cause more the merrier, hehe.

2. Lost in his choreo

He’s known as the OG dancer for a reason and this Reel is proof of that. He can literally pull off any dance form with its right feels, iykyk. This chereo by him along with Salim Shaikh and Ashish Sanade is more than just any random one as it has so much meaning to it. To spice it all up, we love how he has added a thunder effect to add more essence to his performance.

3. Sehri Babu vibes

This dancing choreography again was a master blaster as not just celebrities but also cricketers jumped on the trend such as Shreyas Iyer, Rohit Sharma to name a few. He danced along with his all-time fave dancing partner, Melissa and they both have nailed it. To add some quirkiness, the last thumka was defo worth the wait, hehe.

4. Doobey in his moves

For a fact, we have been looking for a dance choreography for this peppy song for a very long time and looks like we’ve finally got it. Now we have a fantabulous chereo that we can use for our sangeet performances. Ngl, Sagar makes all his performances look so effortlessly beautiful, uff ye moves.

5. Teaches Peaches

The already peppy song is peppier with his chereo on it. From his casual outfit to his swag everything looked so much like Bruno Mars. Tbh, we don’t think anyone can match his level of smoothness. Also, there has been a time when all of us have danced at least once on our balcony, majorly during the lockdown, right?

6. Pop & lock

Rapping along with lock-n-pop has always gone together just like Sagar and his smoothness, hehe. This uber-cool performance with his ‘bhailog‘ is ekdam kadak. He is making waves on the ‘gram with his jackass moves and we can’t help but watch all his Reels on loop today and forever.

He has totally created a space for himself with his killer moves. Also, he has posted many more videos before the Reels feature was introduced so go check out his profile if you haven’t already and add his chereos in your faves list if you like them. On that note, we hope that y’all are vaccinated and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.