Apart from creators who entertain us with their exceptional skills, Instagram also has a number of doctors sharing informative information on various issues ranging from mental health, intimate hygiene, sex-ed, parenting guide and so much more. Today we have compiled a list of some of these health technicians who share insightful and significant information and enlighten us all with their knowledge. Scroll your way through them all and follow them right away to know more about your body and how to take good care of it.

Check them out!

1. Dr. Tanaya a.k.a. @dr_cuterus

Dr. Tanaya famously known as @dr_cuterus is an award-winning trained doctor who talks about sexual and reproductive health in a quirky way, all thanks to her millennial roots. From menstruation and vaginal health to everything you need to know about menstrual cups, contraceptions, female condoms and so much more, she addresses it all in a fun and easy way.

2. Dr. Prateek Makwana a.k.a. @fertility_scribbles

Dr. Prateek Makwana simplifies the concepts of reproductive and sexual health and is an embryologist consultant. You will find all the answers you need on his page in relation to sex, periods, condoms, sperm, and even how caffeine and tobacco affect fertility. At the same time, he also has a series where he bursts all the myths related to these topics.

3. Dr. Nihar Parekh

A pediatrician by profession, Dr. Nihar Parekh addresses everything related to child care. He is a boon to all young mothers who need advice on taking care of their toddlers in the best way possible and make a note of do’s and dont’s including how to protect children against Corona Virus and its multiple variants.

4. Dr. Manan Vora

An orthopaedic surgeon and sports med’ doctor, Dr. Manan Vora specializes in the human anatomy and shares his knowledge regarding bones, joints, muscles, exercise, and fitness to build a health-conscious community. Right from the kind of food you should be consuming to easy workouts to follow for a healthy life, he has a solution for it all.  

5. Dr. Vishakha a.k.a. @doctorvee

Dr. Vishakha also known as @doctorvee on Instagram is an award-winning nutritionist as well as an author of a best-selling book. She shares her expertise in her domain and talks about reversing obesity, PCOS, type 2 diabetes, blending medicine, and nutrition on the ‘gram in depth for people to better understand the concepts in a simple way.

6. Dr. Ishinna Sadana

Dr. Ishinaa Sadana is a parenting expert and has also taken more than 200 workshops to help parents better their parenting skills and do their best for the growth and development of their children. She shares some exceptional tips and hacks on the ‘gram and that too in a super fun way.

Well, y’all must definitely be following these doctors for their amazing expertise and experience in their respective fields to gain some insightful information about your body and health.

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