Leading a clean and green life should be taken seriously because it is something that fundamentally affects our future. Inculcating sustainable and green habits may seem like a tedious job to do but it is not impossible. Every small change you make to your life makes a big difference that you may not be aware of. Every person taking the smallest of efforts can in the end break down a mammoth task to make it simpler. This Earth Day, we at MissMalini bring to you some of the easiest ways to make simple changes to your daily life to lead a greener life and ultimately save the planet.

1) Walk Shorter Distances Or Use Public Transportation

We all can be lazy and walking can be tedious, especially in the summers but it’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s also healthy. If you’re looking to get to a place after a heavy meal, skip taking a cab or using your vehicle, just walk it out. You’re saving cab fares, reducing pollution, and doing your bit. It’s a guilt-free way of traveling and feeling great after a heavy meal. Win-Win situation.

2) Use Organic Products

Most people give up using sustainable products because they are expensive and can be difficult to find. But now almost every other brand is switching to sustainability and choosing greener and healthier alternatives to sourcing and production. Fast fashion brands, FMCG products, everyone is doing their bit to practice sustainability and we can do our bit by consuming products that are good for the environment. Some brands practicing sustainability and taking the cause seriously are the Inditex brands, Nike, Organic Harvest, Upsana, Nicobar, 11:11, and several others.

3) Carry A Bag Every Time You Leave The House

We can all be forgetful and often leave the house without a cloth bag but it is a habit we all need to inculcate. Just to be safe, keep a small bag handy in your wallet or purse. So that every time you leave the house you have a bag and you avoid asking for plastic or paper bags when you go shopping.

4) Turn Off The Lights And Fans When Not In Use

We’ve all been nagged about it all the time, probably we still get nagged about leaving the lights on and the rising electricity bills. But that is not the only reason for you to keep your power intake in check. It adversely affects the environment and affects overall consumption. Hence, when not in use, you must make sure to turn off the lights and fans.

5) Donate Used Goods

Donating clothes and books that you don’t use not only helps save the planet but also helps the ones in need. You can help promote the holistic needs of underprivileged children and people. Your donation can not help educate the needy but also promote a greener, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle.

6) Reduce Waste

Reducing waste can seem like a mammoth task but it is manageable. Reduce plastic waste, and avoid the usage of plastic straws and cutlery. Like several food chains, it is important for us to also take up the responsibility to switch to using metal straws, wooden cutlery, and compostable tissues. Waste is one of the biggest problems faced globally, especially plastic and e-waste.

7) Save Water

Water wastage is one of the biggest problems faced globally. Most of us take it very lightly, long showers, bathing in a bathtub, and leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth are small things that we do mindlessly but these are things we should be mindful of and not carelessly waste. Freshwater is scarce and there may come a time when we may all be struggling to get fresh water, so it’s wise to save it when we have it in abundance.

8) Take A Container With You When You Go To Restaurants

This is one thing that most people are ashamed to do but is the easiest one on the list. Every time you step out for a meal, just take a metal container with you. It may seem awkward at first but eventually, it will become a habit. There are several advantages to it, you clear your leftovers, and you avoid excessive consumption of plastic and paper, and containers. It is a small step you can take towards a greener and healthier future.

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