Being a millennial I feel very lucky to have witnessed that time in Indian television when some cult shows were made. Back when I was in school, TV was a huge deal. Well, back then one such popular show was Dill Mill Gaye starring Karan Wahi, Jennifer Winget, and Karan Singh Grover in lead roles. Surprisingly, that show was not just special to me as an audience, but it was also a turning point for Karan Wahi. Recently, when I spoke to the actor he told me how this 2007’s popular show changed his life.

In an exclsive interview Karan told me that how he was a different person before the show and how he changed post it.

Sharing if it was believable for him to see how his life took a 360 degree turn, he said…

Before Dill Mill Gaye I was a very different boy and post the show I was a very different person. Back in the day before Dill Mill gaye, I really felt Oh My Godish about the fact that why do people find me good looking, or they love me or hate me for no rhyme of reason.

When asked if there was a struggle between Remix and Dill Mill Gaye that the 20-year-old Karan faced, the actor stated…

There was no struggle from Remix to Dill Mill Gaye, the only problem was that I was too young, too brash, and I did not care about what I want to make my future as. Remix became so big that I became popular, because of the fame work was coming. But I was just 20 and wanted to take a break, chill like my friends were, I wanted to experience my twenties. I took a sabbatical for a year and came back looking a little different and that worked for me. Back in the day when I was 20 I had signed around seven films, but unfortunately, recession came in and things I had signed did not start. So, on paper I had so many things, but in reality there was nothing.

He also shared how his initial days with Dill Mill Gaye were never so pleasant, and how things changed.

He added,

I did something before Dill Mill Gaye and it bombed, I read articles about me being a one show wonder. But what changed me was, when  I entered Dill Mill Gaye, I technically didn’t replace Karan Singh Grover, I was told that he will be a part of the show, but I knew he wasn’t doing the show. When Karan wasn’t there on the show, the first two months were really nasty, people went berserk on the portals trashing me out, saying that I was trying to replace Karan. Then Jennifer entered the show, and the fans went berserk to the point where one day my car’s glass was broken on the set and I was told in the message that, you think you are Karan Singh Grover? You are nothing. I took it up as a challenge then. Six months down the line of playing Siddhant Modi the world just changed, people started loving me and Jenny, when Karan Singh Grover joined us, they loved the three of us also. That entire phase of my life made me fall in love with acting.

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On the work front, Karan will be soon seen in Never Kiss Your Best Friend Season 2. The show’s trailer has been already getting a great response and  I am totally looking forward to it.

Check out the show’s trailer here:

Never Kiss Your Best Friends Season 2 releases on 29th April on Zee5.