Get To Know Vivek Dhadha: Entrepreneur & Luxury Fashion Influencer

Get To Know Vivek Dhadha: Entrepreneur & Luxury Fashion Influencer

Nelly Wadia

Vivek Dhadha who lives to eat out and travel started his digital journey in 2016. Eventually, he moved on to covering everything from clothes to cars to perfumes and his everyday happenings. With his family’s business background in diamonds, he seamlessly understood the world of luxury and delved deeper into it on his platform.

Today TheSoBoGuy is well-established within the luxury lifestyle, travel and menswear circuit. He loves to weave brand stories in a unique manner and makes sure to integrate the brand's message with a keen sense of style and luxury. However, today we're going to get to know much more about him and what he does for work behind the glamourous life we see on his Instagram handle. Read on for more.

1) Tell us a little about your experience in the diamond business so far?

I started off by working in my family's diamond business while I was still in high school and fell in love with diamonds and jewellery ever since. My family has been in the diamond business for over seven decades now and it allowed me to deal with the largest names domestically and internationally.

2) What should people pay attention to when buying diamonds?

The very first thing I always tell people, and the most important one for me, is to buy from a trusted source. Besides that, ensure your diamonds come with a certificate from a reputable laboratory.

3) What are the 4cs?

A diamond is valued based on the 4 most important parameters, which are more commonly referred to as the 4cs.

a) Cut - This is the most complicated of the 4cs to check. The brilliance of the diamond depends on its ability to reflect light, which in turn is dependent on how well the diamond is cut.

b) Colour - Diamonds are graded for colour from D to Z, with D being an absolutely colourless diamond (the best). As the colour of the diamond gets more tinted, the value of the diamond depreciates.

c) Clarity - Diamonds are graded for clarity on a scale that starts from IF (Internally Flawless) and goes down to I -3 (Heavy Inclusions). The better the clarity of the diamond, the more valuable it is.

d) Carat (Cts) – A diamond is weighed in turns of carat weights (5cts = 1gm). Larger the size of the diamond, the more expensive it is.

4) What kinds of cuts can someone opt for?

Diamonds are available in a variety of shapes. The most popular and most expensive cut is the Round Diamond which is also known as a Brilliant Cut. Besides this, the other more popular shapes are Marquise, Pear, Princess, Emerald, Oval and Heart shapes.

5) How do you take an accurate ring measurement?

The best way to check the ring size is with the help of a ring sizer. In case that is not available, the internal diameter of any existing ring can also help figure out the ring size.

6) What lessons have you learnt in the diamond business that you can apply to your other ventures?

The diamond business is built on a backbone of trust, whether it is within the diamond community or with clients, both wholesale and retail. Millions of dollars’ worth of transactions are based solely on a person's reputation, honesty and trustworthiness. It is something I ensure is maintained across all my group ventures. Also, it gives me an in-depth knowledge of the worldwide luxury business, which helps me with blogging.

7) What are some tips for the best care and storage of diamonds?

Diamonds, being the hardest substance known to man, hardly needs much care. Though when it comes to your jewellery, one must wipe it clean with a soft cloth after using it and every few years, have it properly cleaned by a jeweller, make sure to have the prongs checked so no diamonds fall out.

8) Your favourite piece of diamond jewellery that you have created?

My favourite piece is definitely a diamond and emerald choker that I created for my mother.

9) Why have diamonds gained so much symbolic importance according to you?

Diamonds have always been a symbol of affluence as well as a store of value. As people are becoming more educated about diamonds, there is a marked shift away from gold jewellery to diamond jewellery. It is also a symbol of something that lasts forever, something that despite years of use will never lose its brilliance.

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