Instagram has come up with a set of new and interesting messaging features that’re absolutely fun and addictive. As a part of an ongoing transition to make this social media platform a great tool to connect with your pals, the team has introduced several updates like the ability to share music previews and see who’s online to chat. You can now also send a message silently and much more. These features are currently available in a few selected countries and will soon be available globally.

You can now browse and chat at the same time and experience an improved way to respond to messages as well as share posts, memes, and Reels with your friends and family.

(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)
(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

1. Reply while you browse

Isn’t it annoying when you receive a message and have to switch to your inbox in between a scrolling session? Especially when you know that this particular post will be difficult to find again unless saved for later. Well, with this new feature, you can simply respond to messages from your home screen without having to open your DMs. It’s super convenient and easy.

2. Quickly send to friends

Let’s face it, we all have a set of people with whom we share content on a regular basis. Instagram has now made it a hassle-free experience. Simply long-pressing on the share after which an arrow pops up your four closest friends and you can easily share whatever you please with a single tap on their display picture.

(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)
(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

3. See who’s online  

At the top of your inbox screen, you must now be able to see the display icons of all of your friends who’re online to make it easy for you to chat in real-time. However, you and your friends need to have your ‘activity status’ on, for this to work. You can find this option in your settings under privacy.

You can now also customize your messaging threads using the following features.

(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)
(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

4. Send messages silently

By adding ‘@Silent’ along with your text message and clicking on ‘send a message without notification’, you can now prevent bombarding your friends with unwanted notifications. This feature won’t notify your friends about a message being sent.

5. Keep it on the lo-fi

A new theme named ‘lo-fi’ has been added to the chat theme section in order to make your conversations look more personal. However, based on light or dark Instagram the color theme is bound to vary.

6. Create a poll with your squad

Honestly, we are in love with this idea. This feature allows you to create a fun poll in the group chat itself. You can decide where to go for dinner or clubbing by simply making an easy poll and asking your friends to vote for their choice. Isn’t this so cool?

(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)
(Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

7. Play, pause, and replay

In collaboration with the top music streaming platforms, Instagram now allows you to share a 30-second preview of the song that’s stuck in your head with your friends and they can directly listen to it from the chat window without having to switch apps.

Well, these are the new super-cool features by Instagram that’re out on a testing basis and available on a select few devices for quality checks. Based on user feedback and experience it will soon be out for all devices across the world.

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