The KGF franchise has become a phenomenon and there’s clearly no stopping to it, any time soon. The sequel has just lead to a further rise in the popularity of the franchise and of course, Rocking Star Yash is loved unanimously. Post the second weekend of its release, the India business of the film has mounted to 300 crore. Clearly, this is a blockbuster which has broken all records. Amidst this sort of a success story, Yash took to social media and shared a heartfelt thank you video.

Check it out here:

The actor shared a story and said,

“Once upon a time there was a village suffering from drought and everyone decided to have a prayer meet for the rains to come. There came a boy with an umbrella – people called it foolishness and some called it over-confidence. But you know what that was? Faith! I’m like that little boy who had the faith to see this day.”

He further expressed that thank you isn’t enough in this situation, yet he would like to thank each person for pouring in so much love. Those are some really humble words and a great amount of faith, I must say. Of course, while it’s the whole team’s effort and work and Yash likes to take least credit for the film’s success, his faith and conviction also would have certainly played a part in making the KGF franchise what it is today.

On that note, I have to express that I’ve not yet gotten over the film, especially Yash’s entry scene in the film for it’s vibe, aura and visually stunning piece of cinema. Every performance blew my mind and Prashanth Neel’s vision totally makes me look forward to KGF Chapter 3. Don’t you guys agree?