Melvin Louis is a name that every household knows about. And if we had to relate dance to a word, it would defo be his name. He’s the OG dancer that we’ve followed, from his long hair to his current short hair we’ve been part of it all. Now, we’re just waiting for him to start his full-fledged offline classes for us to dance along with him, but until then let’s scroll down and watch a few performances with famous personalities that he has collaborated with.

‘Dance Ek Art Hai Art’…

1. With Alia Bhatt

Melvin performed with a celebrity who we’re all just waiting to get a selfie/ autography with. Yes, it’s none other than our Gangubai and now Mrs. Kapoor. A few days ago Dholida had taken over Instagram like a storm and watching them dance has boosted our inner energy. Also, we love how each step was going with the tune of the audio.

2. With Tulsi Kumar

Okay, so this song is on loop in our heads ever since it was released. Watching Melvin dance with Tulsi is making us wanna wear our dancing shoes oh wait rather heels, hehe to dance on this one ‘cause the hook step is way too catchy for us not to. Also, while dancing we would exactly freak out the way they did towards the end of this Reel.

3. With Tiger Shroff

Woah, we have to say Melvin just killed it with his performance here with Tiger. His moves were as smooth as butter and if you ask us we can keep watching this Reel all day long. Btw, the fistbump kinda showed their #Brocode too, hehe.

4. With Malini Agarwal

M as we call her along with Melvin has aptly translated the lyrics of this song in the form of moves, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t then watch the above Reel all over again! They shot this Reel back in December while we were shooting for the Creator Calendar 2022 and he being a perfectionist posed and posed till he gave his best shot.

5. With Dhanashree Verma Chahal

Okay, this Reel is making us sweat not ‘cause it’s summer just ‘cause two phenomenal dancers are killing it out there with their LIT performance. The flexibility of these two is just WOW. Also, interacting with your partner while dancing is really important and they’ve shown it all here.

6. With Nargis Fakri

Melvin never fails to amuse us with this dance routine and this time he has aced it along with Nargis. We love how Melvin always manages to do justice with the songs he chooses, iykyk much like this one. Honestly, it is so calming to watch him move this effortlessly to the rhythm of the song.

7. With Dabboo Ratnani

Melvin was a part of Dabboo Ratnani’s first Creator Calendar curated by MissMalini and how could we end the shoot without Reels, just how? Here’s a fun insider for you from the shoot, Melvin’s picture was one of those which took the most amount of time ‘cause his pose was the most difficult of the rest. Scroll down to see his picture.

Ending it here at the same time wishing him a very happy birthday. We’re sure he too just like all April borns will be celebrating his birthday after 2 long years. This was just our way of sending some love as well as a virtual gift to him. On that note, we hope that y’all are vaccinated and staying safe.

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