The one-woman army, Shriya Jain is ruling our hearts with her mesmerizing voice and beautiful songs. Her song covers as well as her singles are totally a vibe and we can’t stop listening to them on loop. From groovy, peppy, and fun to sentimental, sad, and soft, Shriya has a versatile voice that suits all types of songs and we can’t stop gushing over them all. Now scroll your way through her songs and add them to your playlist already.

Check ’em out!

1. Rab Na Kare

As promised this beautiful song featuring Ritik Mahajan will legit break your heart and make you fall in love, all at once. This song released yesterday and it has garnered a lot of praise and over 6 lakh views already, isn’t that amazing? We can’t stop listening to this one on loop as well.

2. Teri Hogayi

The perfect wedding song does exist and it belongs to the woman of the moment, Shriya Jain. Did you know that she wrote this song for her sister’s wedding? Well, we’re highly impressed by her talent and are defo rooting for her to break all the charts and keep winning in the game of music.

3. Tequila

This absolutely groovy song featuring Aashika Bhatia as well as Vrushali Vacchiyat can also be regarded as the ultimate breakup song, hehe. We love how these girls are just having a lot of fun in the music video instead of sulking after a breakup. Shreya’s voice is super refreshing, isn’t it?

4. Mahi Aja

An example of love taken for granted, ‘Mahi Aja’ is a song about how we tend to look over the people who love us unconditionally and how we only realise their importance once they’ve left. A beautiful rendition indeed, Shriya’s voice in this one will give you goosebumps.  

5. Tere Raaste Mei

Tere Raaste Mei‘ is a song that exemplifies how everything we see isn’t always true. WIth massive twists and turns, this music video is no less than an Abbas-Mutan film featuring Oye It’s Prank and Nita Shilimkar on the mesmerizing vocals of Shriya Jain and Danish Alfaz.

6. Chand Ye Taare

A magical song featuring Abir, this song will defo give you all the feels. 3 years ago, this song was a special gift by Shriya for her fans on her birthday and we’re super grateful to her for the same because we still have this one on our playlist and love listening to it just as much.

Aren’t these songs just too good? You should totally add them all to your playlist and listen to all of Shriya Jain’s music. On that note, we hope you’re safe and vaccinated. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.