Exclusive! ‘I Have Taken 2 Weeks Of Continuous Mental And Verbal Abuse,’ – Zeeshan Khan On His Lock Upp Eviction

Exclusive! ‘I Have Taken 2 Weeks Of Continuous Mental And Verbal Abuse,’ – Zeeshan Khan On His Lock Upp Eviction

Nawaz Kochra

From the time the reality show Lock Upp was announced, it has been in the news, not just for its controversial set of contestants but also for all the unpleasant fights that have taken place on the show. One such untoward incident has also happened with actor Zeeshan Khan who was evicted from the Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundrra hosted show after he got into a physical fight with co-contestant Azma Fallah.

After his eviction while Zeeshan put up post shedding light on the matter, I also spoke to him over the incident. And before you read what the actor had to say...

Check out his post here:

Sharing his side of the story with me, Zeeshan said,

In Lock Upp, I thought things would be different, I do agree that my reaction was a bit extreme and I apologized for it. Others also told me that I took things a little too far this time, so I knew I had gone wrong. I was given a punishment of 50 sit ups and I did not let my ego come in the way. I accepted the punishment I was given for it.

He further added,

But I have taken two weeks of continuous mental and verbal abuse. Disgusting things have been told to me, in the first week itself Payal Rohatgi spat on me, called me the 'T' word, said my religion promotes the 'T' word. She also said that people from my religion have caused the divide between India and Pakistan. As a kid, I have grown up saying a pledge that India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters… I have grown up with the value of being proud as an Indian, but to what Payal said, there we no repercussions. No apologies to me or the people of my religion. Kangana also said that they disown all that Payal has said and she will face the repercussions outside.

Revealing all that was told to him by Azma, Zeeshan shared,

Azma said a lot of things to me, she stooped to the level of saying that I go begging from people outside to provide for my family. In the second week, those attacks shifted from me to people close to me, them being my girlfriend and my parents. Azma would continuously keep telling me that that I am getting work due to my girlfriend’s ‘sifaarish’, the way she said, it was meant in a bad way. Being someone who has lived an honest life, it was not good, I still took it with a pinch of salt. I was also told that when you go out you will find your parents dead. My mother was involved in something unpleasant, I have pushed those memories far behind, but to hear such things from someone in a place where you don’t know what is happening outside, left me shattered.
Zeeshan Khan
Zeeshan Khan (Source: Instagram | @theonlyzeeshankhan)

Zeeshan even explained how he tried to resent all he went through, and why he final reacted...

I remember removing myself from the situation completely and crying in a corner. I did everything possible to counter all that she said, but after a point it is not possible. I know how hard I and my girlfriend have put to be here, so saying things like these is downright cheap. To say things about mom who has been through stuff, is something someone heartless would say. People were trying to play the woman card after the incident with Azma, but I was also taking a stand for the women in my life. Is it okay for a woman to say such things about another woman? We all live in a society where men are expected to be strong, but we also have a heart.

Watch the entire interview here...

Well, the good thing is that Zeeshan has received lots of love and support from his fans. And while his army of admirers stand by him, such roadblocks get easier to pass. I hope Zeeshan puts this behind him and keeps entertaining us with some amazing work in the future.