For some people dancing is just to groove and enjoy but for others, it’s a way of expressing themself. There are professionals in this field who love exploring different dance forms and with different people so to say collab. And what better way than to uplift and promote each other’s work through collaboration rather than competing against each other. Therefore, on the occasion of #InternationalDanceDay, we’re going to celebrate creators who’ve danced their hearts out together.

Lets Nacho

1. Anam, Awez, Zaid Darbar & Nagma Mirajkar

This atrangi squad never fails to amaze us with their unique talent. Be it collabs, dance Reels, trends, relatable content they legit cover it all. But what makes us excited and happy is watching them all dance together.

2. Nicole Concessao & Sonal Devraj

The dancing queens and the founders of Team Naach, Nicole and Sonal always stun us with their high-energy and power-filled Reels just like this one. In all their choreographies they make sure their steps are crystal clear with just the right expressions which keep us hooked to their content. Also, the song  ‘Najaa‘ in the above video is too damn perfect to depict their friendship.

3. Aadil Khan & Sonali Bhadauria

What a #SonaDil performance this was, hehe. They literally complement and supplement each other through their moves which never fail to make waves on the ‘gram. What we really liked about the Reel above is the hook step on the chorus of the song, it perfectly matches the rhythm and tune which defo makes it a super-duper hit one!

4. Lauren Gottlieb & Elina Hsiung

These two gorg gurls have lately taken over the ‘gram with their groovy moves along with some old-school bolly songs! According to us, this is one of the LIT combinations ever. This choreo by Sanket Panchal which Lauren and Elina jumped on is so damn catchy and them dancing on the streets of New York is even sassier.

5. Melvin Louis & Dhanashree Verma

If we had to caption this collab it would be ‘red heels and groovy shoes’, iykyk. Also, we love how there’s easy eye contact between the two of them while dancing. Also, how smooth is too smooth for them? Btw sorry guys, but their Reels are the reason we end up spending so much time on Instagram, hehe.

6. Himanshu Dulani & Unnati Malharkar

Although this Reel was posted over a year ago we can never ever forget this fab collab! ‘Hosanna‘ is such a calming song and their performance actually made us feel that emotion. We love how they’ve ended the video as well, it’s super cute. On that note, we wanna watch them collab again super soon.

7. Svetana Kanwar & Nidhi Kumar

Two powerhouses of talent, Svetana and Nidhi know how to create a Dhamaka on stage with their latkas and thumkas. Their Indian outfit complimented the song perfectly and brought out the right vibe. On a scale of 1 to 10, this Reel is 100 and beyond. Gurls, please teach us a few of your choreographies too, hehe.

International Dance Day might be today, but our love for these creators and all the dancing creators out there is forever. We hope they continue to create such fab Reels with their fellow creator friends and much more. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave creator collabs, influencers and much more.