Instagram has provided a platform for dance creators to showcase their talent to the world. Moreover, it’s always fun to watch these creators show off their dancing skills and set the ‘gram on fire! Elina Hsiung is one such dancer who dances from the heart like no one is watching. This Instagram ‘Dancing Diva’ puts her best foot forward and attracts us with her smooth dance moves. Well, from contemporary to Hip-Hop to Jazz to Bollywood, she knows it all, is there any dance style that Elina can’t do? We, doubt it! Read on to know more about Elina, the girl who’s making us groove along with her one choreography at a time.  

About Elina Hsiung

Elina Hsiung is a professional dancer, choreographer, model, and actress, who currently resides in Mumbai, India. Elina started her career in 2004 and since then she has never looked back and has been achieving great milestones. For studies, Elina flew to New York and ended up staying there for 8 years. Her talent, growing fame and success got her featured in multiple publications. Elina’s long-term plan is to continue being an influencer with an aim to stop stereotyping models and dancers with her content. Later she wants to enter the acting space and spread joy with her skills. Do you know what Elina loves doing in her free time other than dancing? Traveling, shopping, and going to the movies. To know more unknown things about her, scroll down!  

We got the opportunity to know more about Elina…

1. When and how did you enter the world of dance?

I was actually heading to go meet a few friends at a school when I saw a couple of people practicing dance outside a room. So I walked in and saw a dance class happening. I ended up enrolling and a few months later got selected to join the company. And that’s how my professional dance journey began.

2. What does DANCE mean to you?

It was and will always be my first love.

3. Did your parents always support your dancing?

Haha No! They did not take my dance as a serious profession, especially my mom until much later. They always encouraged me to dance but said to do it for fun as a hobby. But when some of my mom’s own friends and clients became my students and started telling my mom about my dance talent, that’s when she was like “Hmm, maybe she can take this up seriously.” Lol.

4. What are some of the challenges you faced when you started creating dance content?

I love a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood music. So I guess initially it was a bit hard for the audience to relate or resonate with my vibe and choice of music. I’m still sometimes considered “foreign” even though I was born in India.

5. What is the best part about being a dance content creator?

The best part about being a dance content creator is that I get to share my vision and art with the world. And sometimes I have no idea who’s watching so I end up getting the sweetest messages from the most unexpected people.

Well, to sum up, if you live and love dance then you must follow Elina Hsiung on Instagram right away. Her dance Reels will pump you enough to wear your dancing shoes and start swaying with her. Brb, we need to learn her recent choreography, hehe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.