Most people are ingrained with the preconceived notion that “Women are not funny!”, but is it? Are women really not funny? Can we really not take a joke? Or is it just that we are forced to believe the notion? Over the years, we’ve been taught by society that a woman who is smarter than a man is threatening to him and his ego. But are women-only made to please men and validate their fragile ego. When women describe the new guy they are talking to, the most used lines are—he’s so cute, he’s so kind and he’s so funny! But we rarely ever hear a man call a woman funny. And there is no reason to pretend this doesn’t happen. But it is quite impressive when a man can get a woman to laugh by throwing her head back, revealing all her pearly whites as she lets out a deep-throated laughter. And as women, we are quite critical and we often have a good sense of humor and wit after years of trying to get impressed by every man who tries to make us laugh with their jokes.

What Does Science Say?

To give it a scientific approach, it has been proven that men and women have the same response to humor, both use the same degree of the brain responsible for the humor, knowledge, and juxtaposition involved in language processing. So is it that women are just termed unfunny because men don’t want them to be because they would rather prefer women as an audience than rivals. Men usually prefer the two things they like the most:  women and humor to be antithetical but it shouldn’t be to the extent where women are termed ‘not funny’. To put it in the simplest way possible, it is threatening to men because if women are funny, too—what do men have left? It would be unfair to the opposite sex if we steal them off the one wonder they have when we are also rewarded with the gloriousness of breasts. So, for a day or two, we can tone it down and let them be the funnier counterparts.

The Glory Of Female Comedians In India

When it comes to stand-up comedies, our country has a majority of male comics that fill the industry with their loud humor, innuendos, and abuses. And in a  male-dominated industry, we do have a few women that shine through and make a mark with their humor. Their frivolous comedy, innate sense of humor, and confidence that glistens through every joke are the few things that make you want to keep coming back to their work. Every time I am having a rough day and I need a dose of laughter, these women comedians take me for a ride. And I put down some of my favorite female comics in random order and their pieces of work that can crack me up into fits of laughter, which help me get through my fourth mental breakdown of the week.

1) Aishwarya Mohanraj

My Pregnancy Test by Aishwarya Mohanraj

Aishwarya Mohanraj is my personal favorite. More than her standups, her Instagram page is my go-to. Her reels, her stories, have the kind of zest that just will undoubtedly crack you up on the days you feel the lowest. From her sarcastic one-liners to her relatable comedies with her parents and heartwarming content with her boyfriend (now finacé) makes me all gooey-eyed. She is literally the ball of sunshine that you need on a dull day and trust me when I say this, her content will put you in a better mood. It’s what I do on the days, I feel like doing nothing (which is also most days)—I stalk Aishwarya Mohanraj and feel awesome. And now if we are talking about stand-ups, how can we miss her most popular video—My Pregnancy Test. I’ve watched this one over and over and I laugh like I did the very first time. The jokes, the timing, and the subtitles are the best part of this video.

2) Aditi Mittal

Bra Shopping by Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is a strong, confident woman who speaks her mind freely and she makes you laugh like no one’s watching. From her sprightly refreshing take on different topics to her honesty that reverberates through our conscience. She is one of a kind. My favorite pieces of content have to be Bra Shopping and Sanitary Napkins along with her brilliant Netflix Specials that keep you hooked and just leave you wanting more of her honesty, relatability, and humor.

3) Urooj Ashfaq

Uber Driver and Grandmother by Urooj Ashfaq 

Urooj Ashfaq in the house and you will either be rolling over with laughter or probably you just didn’t quite understand her joke. She is funny, confident, and sarcastic with a palpable energy that feeds on to the audience. Undoubtedly, my favorite and most-watched video of Urooj has to be Uber Driver and GrandMother. It is written so smartly with the perfect timing and nuances that just leaves you thinking about it even after you’ve finished watching the video. It is a masterpiece that makes you laugh but also gives you a whole lot to think about.

4) Sumukhi Suresh

Don’t Tell Amma by Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi Suresh is a ball of exuberant and dynamic energy. She will bowl you over with her comedy. From Girlyappa to AIB Podcasts, to Pushpavalli and many other web shows and series, hosting Comicstann to landing her own Prime Special, Don’t Tell Amma—she never fails to amaze us. Her stance, her jokes—they have a sense of freshness that only Suresh can bring on stage and after every time I watch her perform, I am in awe. Hands down, my favorite piece of content by her has to be Don’t Tell Amma, never a time when this one doesn’t entertain, it only gets better each time!

5) Prashasti Singh

No Strings Attached by Prashasti Singh

Prashasti Singh shot to fame with her stint on Comicstaan and well she deserved every bit of praise that came her way. Her straightforwardness and upfront comedy is starkly different from what has been done and always stand out. Her vibe is infectious as you resonate with her content. She makes a case for every joke she makes and with her: Content is truly the King and that’s what makes it exemplary. With her Netflix special Ladies Up!, she won the audience over but my favorite content piece has to be No Strings Attached!. She hilariously relays her experience with wearing a saree and I can’t help but relate and guffaw throughout.

6) Mallika Dua

Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai by Mallika Dua

Mallika is a stand-out performer. She weaves that kind of magic when she comes up where she completely captivates the audience. Be it her serious pieces, hilarious reels, or videos on Instagram. Started with videos using Snapchat filters that blew up on Instagram to bone-cracking videos with her parents. She is every bit relatable and can get you hooked on her content. Although, she never fails to tickle my funny bone with her videos and classic jokes: this time around, I just want to let her recent content piece,  Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai (a serious one, might I add) take center stage because of the sheer beauty of the melancholy that she narrates with and a sense of untraceable emotion but a bright smile that doesn’t leave her face as she basks in nostalgia.

7) Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila created a stir on Instagram in the new age of Influencers. This woman is a star, she has a peculiar sense of humor through which she makes you feel like a part of her. You don’t feel very differently from her and that is the best part about her comedy—her nerve-wracking honesty and relatability. Kusha’s videos can have you dying with laughter and will make you feel like you are having a conversation with a long-lost friend. Be it the many stories she puts up documenting her life on social media or the madness and the views she gets with every new reel—it’s skyrocketing and astonishing for how amazingly she worked her way to the top. Coming to my favorite part, it has to be her Billi Maasi and South Delhi videos, if these don’t have you gasping for air as you watch them, there is something seriously wrong with you, my friend!

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