Music has always been a part of our life since day one, from childhood to now. And we love listening to new songs by different artists every day. Very recently, right before Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's marriage, Ayan Mukherji gave us a glimpse of the beautiful song, Kesariya and the audio was so catchy and romantic, that the creators had to use it to create their filmy Reels on it. Yellow the colour that this song expresses just brings in so much brightness and these Reels are proof.  Scroll down to teleport yourself to the land of Brahmastra created by our fellow creators.

Alexa, play Kesariya in the background!

1. Unnati Malharkar & Manav Chhabra

#Unnav just completed a year together and we couldn't have been happier for them. This Reel is proof that they're always going to be around and support each other, no matter what! Btw, this new concept of  360 rotating selfie platform is so cool, it makes you feel like you're in a Bollywood movie, just like their Reel.

2. Mrunal Panchal & Anirudh Sharma

#Mrunirudh as we already know is about all things cute. From their Reels to their content we love every bit of them together which sometimes gives us goosebumps too. Anirudh being the prankster, this time sweet pranked Mrunu with a rose and her reaction was priceless. It literally got a smile on our faces. Nazar na lage!

3. Sonal Devraj & Roshan Abdul Rahoof

Sonal and Roshan are wearing an outfit that brings out the right essence of the colour kesar and it totally grabbed our attention. It couldn't have gotten less dreamy than this honestly 'cause it totally shows that they've put their heart into it. Also, we kid you not, you have to wait till the end to watch a visual that's exactly like in the teaser of the song, with the right props!

4. Sameeksha Sud

You know one of those scenes in Bollywood movies where they run towards a scenic view in slow-mo? Sameeksha's Reel is exactly that and it literally feels like we're watching a video straight out of a movie scene but with extra cuteness and beauty. Honestly, Yeh Reel 'Ishq hai piyaa'!

5. Shaurya Sanadhya

Recreations are our faveee! Alia's look that Shaurya has recreated is just mind-blowingly amazing 'cause she has matched each detail to its perfect. From the shoes, bangles, watch, the shade of the outfit and makeup, all of it is bang on point. Wait for the end, to watch a glimpse of her enjoying the flowers thrown at her.

6. Sunny Chopra

Sunny's transition Reels keep us hooked to his feed 'cause he always has something different and unique to show us. This time it's him in Indian attire and oh my gawd he looks flawlessly super handsome and charming, amirite? The outfit went so well with the audio that he even asked his audience, 'chalo shaadi karein', heheh?

7. Elina Hsiung

Elina posted this Reel on 'International Dance Day' and we have to say, what a masterpiece she has created! She choreographed and danced on contemporary after 10 years but it doesn't look like she's danced after so long on this from 'cause she's acing it with her moves. We love how elegant her posture and form are, you go gurl!

Well, the list as well as the lyrics of the song have come to an end but keep your hopes high 'cause the entire song is yet to be out and we can't wait for creators to jump on the song yet again with their creativity. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators. Stay safe!