While makeup trends look like a whole lot of fun, how often do most of us have the time to truly play around with our makeup? We might be keen and enthusiastic but it’s hard to pick up a trend only to realise that as soon as you’ve caught on, the next one rolls around. I like my makeup process to feel effortless and fluid and with that in mind, I want to set you up with some off the hook trends that are easy to crack and will have you looking summer-ready in no time. We’re seeing a lot of maximalism in beauty at the moment but there’s something for everyone, so minimalists don’t fret just yet.

1. Luminous glow

Glossy textures for your eyes, lips and the apples of your cheek, add that much-needed summer radiance to your face and is perfect to achieve that dewy look as well.

2. Soap brows

Fluffy, feathered brows FTW! This trend is stress-free to achieve because when the hair thickens it becomes easier to fill them brows in with fluid brushstrokes.

3. Coloured & graphic eyeliner

From neon to bright, flashy colours we’ve seen a lot of creative experimentation with this specific trend. Use them to draw anything around your eyes and you’re already playing into this trend.

4. Pastel & accented eye shadows

We’re seeing a heavy influence of pastels which are applied to the inner corner of the eyelids or the outer or both. Another noteworthy trend is the emergence of holographic colours that add an opalescent quality to the eyes.

5. Diffused lips

It is a concentration of colour in the centre of the lip that is smudged out/buffed out towards the ends of the lip; making the lips look naturally stained. This is a trend I personally love.

6. Blush draping

Draping is essentially contouring with blush. It is a pop of colour around the top of your cheekbone that extends into your temples, thus giving you a quick facelift.

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