Instagram can be a wonderful space to get your much-needed dose of a mood booster, positivity and energy! Well, all you need to do is follow the right kind of content and you're good to go. One such content creator whose family content serves my daily dose of entertainment and uplifts my mood is Gaurav Taneja a.k.a. Flying Beast. So, today on the special occasion of International Family Day, I thought it would be the BEST to scroll through some of his 'aww-dorable' fam-jam content that manages to get me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Time to fasten your seatbelts 'cause we are taking a flight to the land of the 'Flying Beast' family right here, right now!

Are you ready for some adorable fam-jam content?

1. Making cute and goofy Reels together

Haye, this Reel totally summarises the cute and goofy bond the 'Flying Beast' family has with each other. Needless to say, the queen (Ritu Rathee) and her princess squad (Pihu and Rasbhari) are totally stealing the spotlight here. Gaurav, can you blame me for giving all my attention to them? Hehe, you can't win over this mother-daughter trio!

2. Doing the happy family dance

Now, this is what I call a perfect 'We Are A Family' moment. This wholesome Reel of Gaurav and Ritu with their family dancing made me wanna do 'balle - balle' and 'shaava - shaava' in the Maldives too! Love how the entire family is enjoying and bonding with each other. I have to confess that Rasbhari's thumkas and expressions are sooo cute that she totally stole my heart here.

3. Enjoying little moments of life

Isn’t it just adorable to watch how the 'Flying Beast' family captures happiness and joy in doing such little things? Ngl, but I have been watching this Reel on loop and every time I do, I get a BIG smile. Also, just can't get over how perfectly they all are doing the hook-step of the 'Paani Paani' song. No doubt, asli baarish ke maze toh family ke saath time spend karne sae hi aate hai!

After watching this cutesy Reel I have come to a conclusion that 'The family that makes Reels together, stays together', hehe! Well, the 'Flying Beast' family is totally acing this viral trend and taking it a notch higher with all that swag and energy. After watching this one, I bet you'll agree with me, that this family can start their own band someday and they will rock it, amirite?

5. A day in the life of the 'Flying Beast' fam!

Gaurav Taneja is a popular YouTuber whose daily vlogs are the talk of the social media town. He vlogs his daily life and routine with his family which attracts the audience as he takes them through his journey every day. Moreover, it grabs attention 'cause it's real, unfiltered, entertaining and creates a sense of relatability. Brb, I need to watch his latest vlog of 'Rashi's first school performance', have you watched it yet?

6. Say, 'Familyyyyyy'

Absolutely loveeee this 'picture-perfect' family photo! It made me say, 'awwww' and hit the like button one, too many times. Nazar na laage, putting a virtual kaala teekha to this beautiful family. If there was an award for the most adorbs family then without fail the 'Flying beast' family would have won it.

7. #FamilyGoals

Saving the best for the last! Gaurav shared this 'Wrap-up' Reel on his Instagram that summarises all the special moments in his life with his family until now. Honestly, every time I watch it, I end up in happy tears. It's just soooo wholesome and full of emotions that it touches my heart to another level. Watch it for yourself if you don't believe me, I bet you will end up agreeing that the 'Flying Beast' family is nothing less than a #FamilyGoal!

The creator family that grabs our attention on social media is the 'Flying Beast' family. So, here were some of my personal fave family content by Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee that absolutely uplifted my mood. And I cannot wait to watch this family create more fun content together. Wishing everyone out there a very happy International Family Day, make sure you spend time with your fam and tell them how much you love them today and every day.

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