If we’re being really honest, we don’t pay a lot of attention to Kendall Jenner’s beauty decisions, no? Often lost in the limelight of her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, we have to give Kenny credit where it’s due. While her sartorial fashion choices may be gripping the runways and magazine covers, we’ve also noticed her choices related to hair and makeup are quite noteworthy.

Over the years she’s definitely sparked a trend or two and inspired us to take the plunge. Hey, I almost bleached my brows all thanks to her! All we’re saying is that there’s one more Kardashian on the block who knows her way around beauty, and that’s not Kim or Kylie. Here are a few times when Kendall Jenner made the beauty community proud with her decisions!

The Bleached Brow Moment

Risque decisions galore! Bleached brows are definitely a bold choice to make, especially when you’re presenting them at the MET Gala. Kendall sported bleached brows with some dramatic eyelashes to keep all of the attention on the eyes.

The Red Hair Moment

This one definitely sparked a massive beauty trend fosho! Kendall ditched her usual chocolate brown tresses for a ginger-red that was extremely striking. If you’re looking to make a hair colour switch without wanting to go all out, we’d definitely recommend this one.

The Foxy Eye Moment

Okay, NGL we’ve seen a gazillion renditions and recreations of the foxy makeup look all over the internet, But Kendall’s caught our eye all thanks to how sleek and perfectly angular the eyeliner is. Don’t you think so?

The Natural Glam Moment

Infamous for her natural glam looks, we just had to include this one in the list. Sometimes keeping it simple is all a makeup look needs and Kenny just proves that! Notice how her eye makeup is minimal and her lips are a nude shade? We love!

The Classic Red Lip Moment

Alright, she can definitely do it all! The red lip never goes out of style, and we have Kendall showing us why. We love how the red lippie has been paired with subdued makeup, so as to not overwhelm. Looks quite stunning, no?

The Clean Makeup Moment

The clean makeup aesthetic isn’t just dominating our screens right now. We could confidently say that Kendall Jenner deserves due credit for this one. She’s been on that clean makeup vibe for as long as we can remember!

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