Periods are difficult enough, without having to deal with the stigma that often accompanies it. Misinformation and period myths mostly contribute to the perpetuation of period shame, not just in India, but around the world.

If you’re a menstruator reading this, I’m sure you’ll relate to instances of buying sanitary pads double-wrapped in newspaper from the local chemist, of hiding these pads inside cupboards at home, of whispering the words “period” or “pads” so as to avoid shocking people around you, et al. Period shaming is a problem, because it teaches girls that a natural bodily function is undesirable, “gross” and taboo. And this needs to stop. Why? Well, because it’s 2022, and we’re not doing this anymore.  


I recently came across Sirona Hygiene‘s new campaign #PeriodsHiTohHai, and found it to be a much-needed breath of fresh air. Since May is Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Month, Sirona Hygiene shared a video inspiring us to let go of period shame. ‘Cause after all, menstruation is a life-giving and life-affirming process, and as essential a function as breathing. And this video is a perfect reminder of that!

Watch the video here:

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