With mango season quickly coming to an end mango lovers like me are probably cribbing to everyone they know about how much they’ll miss this fruit. All you can do now is load up on mangoes dozen after dozen and use them in as many ways as possible. Of course, when we think of mango we immediately think of dessert and delicious fruit bowls that pack a punch, but what if we told you that you could also include mangoes as part of a scrumptious, savoury meal as well. We turned to Chef Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary at Conrad Bengaluru for his expert suggestions on stylish and effortless recipes to use mangoes. Read on for the recipes.

1) Alphonso Mango Cremeux With Exotic Fresh Wild Berries

Alphonso Mango Cremeux With Exotic Fresh Wild Berries By Conrad Bengaluru

For the Mango cremeux:

Ellen & Vire cream – 250ml

Gelatin sheet – 8 gm

Butter – 25 gm

Cream cheese – 90 gm

Callebaut white chocolate – 140 gm

Fresh alphonso mango puree – 90 gm


· Cream the butter and cheese together and keep it aside.

· Meanwhile take a saucepan add Mango pure and Ellen & Vire cream together and cook it until it reaches boiling point.

· Remove it from the stove, add a water-soaked gelatin sheet in it and stain the mixture. Keep it aside until it reaches room temperature.

· Fold the butter and cheese mixture into it and mould it.

· Keep it deep freeze for 3 hours.

· Glaze it with mango ganache

For the chocolate soil:

Caster sugar – 110 gm

Callebaut dark chocolate – 55 gm

Water – 28 ml


· Cook sugar and water till soft boil stage

· Add melted chocolate and stir

Mango ganache (for glazing)

Mango puree – 100 ml

Callebaut white chocolate – 500 gm

Ellen Vere cream – 100 ml

Gelatin sheet – 3 sheets

Water – 25 ml


· Boil the cream and pure together. Remove the mixture from the stove add chopped chocolate mix it well and add a soaked gelatin sheet in it and stain it.

For the garnish:

Fresh berries


Edible flowers

2) Poached Lobster, Star Anise Infused Mango Jello, Avocado Mousse And Black Olive Puree

Poached Lobster, Star Anise Infused Mango Jello, Avocado Mousse And Black Olive Puree By Conrad Bengaluru


Lobster tail – 1

Butter – 10 gms

Lemon juice – 2 ml

Salt & pepper – to taste

For the Mango jello:

Fresh mango puree – 500 ml

Star anise – 2 pcs

Agar Agar – 2.5 gms

For the Avocado mousse:

Avocado pulp – 150 gms

Cream cheese – 25 gms

Salt – to taste

Lemon juice – 2 ml

For the black Olive puree:

Black olive – 100 gms

Olive oil – 20 ml+

For the Tarragon oil:

Tarragon leaves – 50 gms

Parsley – 50 gms

Olive oil – 100 ml

For the Mango salsa:

Mango – 100 gms (fine brunoises)

Finely chopped cilantro – a few sprigs

Lemon juice – a few drops

Salt & pepper – to taste

For the garnish:


Edible flowers


· Vacuum pack the lobster tail, with butter, salt, and lemon juice. Poach the lobster for 8 mins and chill it in ice water.

· Reduce the mango puree with star anise and add agar agar and set it in a 3-centimetre disc.

· Add avocado pulp to a jar, add cream cheese, salt, and lemon juice blend to a very fine consistency until stiff.

· Strain the olives, add them to a jar and blend them while adding olive oil until you receive a fine consistency.

· Blanch the tarragon and parsley, shock it in ice water and place it in a jar and blend it while adding olive oil.

· Cut the mango into brunoises, and add chopped coriander, lemon juice, salt & pepper.


· Place the mango disc on the platter, place the sliced lobster on top of mango jello, a quenelle of the avocado mousse in the centre and drops of black olive puree

· Top up the lobster with mango salsa and some microgreens and edible flowers, and drizzle tarragon oil on top.

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