Okay, let’s be real. While the conversation around masturbation may have taken off in the last couple of years all thanks to doctors like Dr Tanaya Narendra, creators like Leeza Mangaldas, writers like Seema Anand and online stores like Sangya Project— it’s still a little hush-hush, no? For a country where the legendary Kama Sutra originated, we happen to be far behind on most days. Did you know that the entire month of May is touted as “Masturbation Month”? Yep, we knew you didn’t.

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey into masturbation. Or specifically, my journey as a woman into masturbation. I have Nancy Friday to thank for that! However, it took me a while to ease myself around the idea of self-pleasure. All thanks to being brought up in a society where a woman’s pleasure is given the least importance along with sex education being close to non-existent. I discovered self-pleasure a little later on in life, and life has only been better after that. It allowed me to explore myself sexually and find out what I enjoy. A healthy sexual life? Yes, please!

Apart from it being an activity I strongly believe most women should engage in, masturbation comes along with an array of benefits. Let Dr Satish Kumar, Consultant – Clinical Psychology from Manipal Hospital tell you how—

There are multiple misconceptions surrounding masturbation, most of which are age-old taboos. However, masturbation as a practice has a plethora of mental and health benefits too. The biggest benefit is the release of neurotransmitters and happy hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. This makes you feel at ease and automatically improves your mood. 

Here are a few of my personal favourite sex toys that will definitely transport you to the seventh heaven.

Sangya Project, 83

Sangya Project, 83 (Source: www.shop.sangyaproject.com)

A superhero in its own right, Sangya Project’s 83 is a remote control device that can be charged. It comes packed with 10 vibration settings, yes you read that right. Doesn’t matter if you happen to be someone who enjoys slow vibrations or intense ones or even vibrations at time intervals, this one’s got a little something for everyone. With tiny bumps on it that give it, a textured body, it’s definitely a must-have. What I enjoyed the most about this toy is that you’re free to use it on your sexual partner too! Who wouldn’t wanna spice things up a lil bit?

MyMuse, Pulse

MyMuse, Pulse (Source: www.mymuse.in)

Looking for a tool that happens to be powerful and discreet at the same time? Look no further than MyMuse’ pulse. This device isn’t just meant for one particular body part, but it’s a full-body massager that’s designed to target a variety of pleasure spots all over your body. An ergonomic design with a curved shape that’s oh-so-fun, its pointed tip is defo something that’s going to leave you feeling unrealistically great after.

Sangya Project, 10

Sangya Project, 10 (Source: shop.sangyaproject.com)

If you happen to be a beginner who’s nervously venturing into the world of masturbation for the first time— and you’re hella confused, then this has gotta be your first choice. The 10 from Sangya Project is probably the cutest and the easiest to use sex toy I’ve ever used. Armed with 10 settings that range from steady vibrations to raging ones, the 10 is extremely impressive. The best part about this one is that it’s so sleek, it could fit anywhere and everywhere. 

IMBesharam, B Swish B Wild Classic Bunny

IMBesharam, B Swish B Wild Classic Bunny (Source: www.in.imbesharam.com)

Okay, NGL this one’s for the experienced ones. Well, there’s no harm in a beginner trying it out, however, it could be just a tad bit intimidating. Let us tell you why! IMBesharam’s B swish B wild classic bunny tool is literally craziness packed into a sex toy. It offers double stimulation, uh-uh you got that right. With a tapered shaft and a perfectly contoured head, this device has the power to kill 2 birds with one stone. Your G-spot and your clitoris are gonna thank you forever after this!

Manzuri, Gulaabo Mini Rose Suction Vibrator

Manzuri, Gulaabo Mini Rose Suction Vibrator

As someone who gives a lot of importance to oral sex compared to penetrative sex, Manzuri’s Gulaabo Mini Rose Suction Vibrator is everything I’ve ever dreamt of! It offers clitoral stimulation by replicating the sensation of oral sex. With 7 different modes of vibration, there’s a lot to explore with this one right here. My pro tip? Use this with some lubricant and see for yourself.

Bellesa, Diskreet Air

Bellesa, Diskreet Air (Source: Instagram | @bellesaco)

One of my personal favourites from the lot, Bellesa’s diskreet air is truly a gamechanger when it comes to sex toys. This one is a suction device created using Bellesa’s patented cinetic suction technology and guarantees you an orgasm, trust me on that! Perfect for first-timers too, the diskreet air is a waterproof device that works like a dream for clitoral stimulation. 

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