Content creation originally started with YouTube and we love how it has changed so much ever since. We see so many new creators creating their channels for different purposes. It could be to showcase their daily life, give out information, recommendations, entertainment and much more. One such creator who has made a mark on millions of people with his knowledge and content is Tejas Patil, a tech influencer. Let’s get to know him and his journey right below!

Journey to content creation

Tejas is a Mumbai-based tech influencer, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and the name behind the Instagram page ‘elementec‘. He is an engineer by degree after which he started his YouTube journey in 2019 and since then he has not looked back. Before coming to the tech field, he tried his hands at comedy and one of his videos went viral too. But eventually, he dropped it off after some time and experimented with other genres and that’s when his tech game came in place.

About his content

He covers the A to Z of the tech world to over 125k subscribers on YouTube and 900k followers on Instagram (which btw he gained within a year). The Reel that went viral and garnered lots of love was, ‘What Google knows about you’! Within a month of posting this video, he had more than 10k followers on his ‘gram. Currently, his feed has all sorts of tech-related guides helping his audience to use technology efficiently.

A lil‘ bit about him

For him, curiosity and patience are the two things that helped him reach his end goal. And for a fact, his aim is to provide value to his audience which can totally be seen through his page as well as the channel. Truly, his optimistic nature and positive approach to life has made him what he is today and we’re super proud of it. We love that he tries to weave ingenuity and perfection in his content. Btw, in the upcoming
months, he also wishes to give a whirl to infotainment content.

Here’s what he has to say about his content and journey…

My journey started when I was 16. I was motivated to make my name in the creator world. Although I tried and failed at many things, Tech was something I was passionate about since my childhood, but I never thought of pursuing it as a creator. Until one fine day, a friend of mine pursued me to start a channel in the Tech niche. Tech has always been a part of my life from changing software every day on my android phone to changing passwords on my grandmother’s phone and forgetting about it just for fun. I’m glad to say I’ve always been the point of contact for my friends and family whenever they needed a fix for their tech issues!

Well, his journey has defo been tough but the growth that he has achieved matters more, right? We are super proud of him for crossing all hurdles. What a multi-tasker he is as he’s also working as an
independent digital marketing professional, how cool is that. So, to know everything about gadgets you know who’s channel to visit! On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators. Stay safe!