Whew! This sweltering heat is really doing a number on us, isn’t it? Every time I step out of the house, it doesn’t take me more than 10 seconds to feel like I’m standing inside a furnace. I’m sure that I won’t be the only one who’s dreaming of a bit of vacation, no? How blissful would it be to get away from this heat and the bustle that is our daily lives? Oh, wait, most of you have definitely started planning for your summer vacation. 

And that includes me too! I’ve finally decided to treat myself to some time away this summer. A little relaxation & rejuvenation hurt nobody. Now, if you’re a skincare geek like me here, it’s only natural for you to get all perplexed about what to follow when you’re travelling or even what to carry! Let’s be real, there’s no way all of your cleansers, serums and masks are fitting into that bag of yours. I know it’s hard to try and minimize your favourite part of the day— aka your skincare routine. However, when we’re travelling, it’s crucial to carry only the essentials. And we got Dr Kiran Sethi, MD Skin, Wellness Expert and Author to school us a little bit on a few summer skincare tips for when you’re travelling.

Cater Your Skincare To Your Location

It’s extremely crucial to be mindful of where you’re jetting off to in order to cater your skincare needs accordingly to that. Dr Kiran tells us,

If you’re travelling to the hills or a cooler place in general where the climate is drier than normal, always carry and gentle cleanser and a rich moisturiser with you. Because the air tends to have lesser moisture, a heavy moisturiser will definitely compensate for all the dryness your skin is facing. If you’re travelling to the beach, stay away from any and all active ingredients. Since you’re going to be closer to the sun and certain active ingredients tend to make your skin a tad bit more sensitive than usual.

Never Ever Forget SPF

Yep, SPF is a big part of our daily lives otherwise too, isn’t it? However, it needs to be extra important when you’re travelling. And yes, doesn’t matter where you’re vacaying, a powerful sunblock is a must. Dr Kiran agrees with us and says,

Summer vacations are fun, but all of that sun damage isn’t. Always carry at least 2 types of sunscreens with you. One could either be a cream-based or gel-based sunscreen depending on your skin type and the other one is a spray sunscreen. While you may start your day with the former, spray sunscreens are great for reapplication throughout the day. Especially when you’re planning to be outdoors. 

Carry A Mask Or Two Along

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the face masks that make you glow and get rid of blemishes. Travelling and constantly being on the go when you’re vacationing can tend to cause some stress to your skin, making it appear dull. Dr Kiran tells us,

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you should be leaving your face masks home. A brightening face mask that’s enriched with Vitamin C makes for a great travel companion. Whenever you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up, a glowing face mask has you covered.

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