If we say that we aren’t hooked to Instagram then we’d be totally lying! It is one of our favourite social media platforms that has always been at the forefront when it comes to feel-good filters that uplift our mood and our pictures and we love trying them all. Well, this week we found 7 new Instagram filters that could be a perfect match for the different moods of the week. So, check ‘em out, try it with your friends and add them to your fave list!  

Here they are:

1. Bright Scene by Sheryl

Summer Love by Bianca Oliveira A.

How bright yet soothing is this filter? We are gushing over the overall tint it gives to the picture. Apart from that, it’s not too bright or flashy, but in fact, it’s a perfect blend of softness and vibrancy. If you wish to send someone a happy picture then this is your go-to filter!

2. Summer Love by Bianca Oliveira A.

Summer Love by Bianca Oliveira A.

This filter literally and figuratively screams ‘Summer Love’! The name matches the filter entirely because it’s perfectly subtle and has a beautiful glow to it. If you are looking to amp up your summer vacation pictures, this filter is perfect!

3. Simple by Resa Lawang Sewu

Simple by Resa Lawang Sewu

As the name suggests this filter gives you a natural-looking subtle yet bright glow instantly. Isn’t it a perfect filter for that ‘no-makeup’ look that we all aim to achieve? Well, everything about this filter is simple, beautiful and we loveee it.

4. Smooth by Larasatii.a

Smooth by Larasatii.a

We absolutely love how this filter helps us flaunt our natural smooth skin with peachy blush and dramatic eyes. A perfect filter to see if eye lenses suit us or not. So, go check out this filter, we bet you are gonna save this one for later!

5. BB Cream by Triutra

BB Cream by Triutra

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing this filter is? Loveeee how it helps us save time by naturally adding the foundation (bb cream) and base to our pictures. We have saved this filter for our everyday no-makeup, makeup selfie and it’s simply Wowza!

6. Glitter by Instagram

Glitter by Instagram

This beautiful filter by Instagram is here to add some sparkles to your life and to your picture. We absolutely enjoyed using this filter ‘cuz it added cute little sparkles all over our picture and gave it a bright vibe. If you wish to uplift someone’s mood then you should defo send them a picture using this filter.

7. Mint by Eduarda Cavalcanti

Mint by Anurag Bhanpiya

We love how this filter manages to give us a fresh minty look. Let’s just be honest here, a little glow can transform a picture within a few seconds, haina? This filter has just the right amount of breeziness that we absolutely love.

Well, we got all these filters saved already and could not resist trying them all this week. Now, we can’t wait for you guys to try them too. On a side note, we hope you have taken your vaccines and are staying safe. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favorite filters as well as influencers!

Filters are a great way to amp up your mood and with the variety that Instagram has to offer you, one can just not resist trying them out, isn’t it?