The famously known dancer, Melvin Louis has made it to our hearts with his simplicity and grace. His choreography, style and rhythm are all super niche to him which kinda takes us back to his content again and again. Dance for him is an emotion and not merely a word. So, here’s a lil‘ insight that you might not know of. When he started out as a dancer it was difficult to convince his parents that it’s a profession in itself but today they’re his strongest pillars. To know more such facts about Melvin, scroll down.

He makes sure we ‘Shake a leg’ with him too!

Melvin is one such creator who knows his vision pretty well. And we gotta chance to know him a lil‘ better while he was shooting for the Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini . Scroll down to read what he said in his recent interview with us.

Dance means different to different people, what does it mean to you?

I think it’s everything to me right now. I think it’s become a major part of my identity so I can’t do away with it anymore and it’s always going to be with me for the rest of my life. I think it’s special as it’s brought me closer to so many people, it has helped me create a family of fans and friends and I’m super grateful for them all.

Do you feel the pressure to live up to the expectations?

ALL THE TIME! I think only when I’m in the studio by myself is when I feel free. I think every other time when I’m out or even if I’m on the phone checking my own videos I think I feel the pressure. But ya when I’m by myself I’m by myself.

What keeps you motivated to keep going and keep dancing?

I think as an artist because of the pandemic you were so nervous, it was a really tough time for most artists because there was not much work coming in and stuff so we definitely had a tough phase. But I try to keep my spirits and hopes high and I believe in a lot of good and positivity which keeps me alive and helps me pursue. So, I also drive myself by being fearless and I think that is one thing that helps me stay motivated.

Besides the normal questions, we also asked him a few quirky and interesting questions in our Rapid Fire and game segment. We loved his daring personality to answer all of them without taking too much time ‘cause the more rapid it is the more fun it is. Did you know, that Melvin’s a black coffee lover or the fact that he loves travelling to mountains that go into beaches, iykyk. Well, to know more about him watch the entire video below.

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