We live in country of film lovers. We’re all obsessed with our movies, the music and the heroes. We are suckers for Bollywood. And there would be nothing better than to get a brief sneak-peek of what goes on behind the scenes of the biggest blockbusters. With the opening of the newest Bollywood Theme Park in Mumbai, it makes you vicariously live through the numerous Bollywood films and iconic scenes.

An Experiential Bollywood Theme Park is designed by a veteran production designer in the film and television business. In FilmCity, Mumbai’s first and best-in-class experiential entertainment hub will open shortly. Everyone is eager to try something new and exciting now that the limits have been lifted. What could be more enjoyable than a trip to the Bollywood Theme Park? Most of us secretly longed to be on a movie set as children, and now that dream is becoming a reality at Bollywood Park, where visitors can experience being on their favourite movie set and feel like a celebrity. One can spend a day with their loved ones roaming through the reconstructions of large movie sets and having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A Word With The Managing Director—Mr. Narendra Rahurikar

Narendra Rahurikar – Managing Director of D’fine Art Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Narendra Rahurikar is the Managing Director of D’fine Art Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai’s top design agency focusing in Production Design, Interior Design, and the recently formed vertical of Theme Park Design. He has designed for a slew of blockbuster films. His path from advertising to working with one of the best directors in the industry, Mani Ratnam, to creating movie sets for blockbusters like Golmaal, Chennai Express, and others has been a dream come true. With his unique and imaginative design, he has also assisted several celebrities in elevating their dream homes.

1) What was the idea behind creating a Bollywood themed park?

I believe a Bollywood based theme park was long due for Mumbai city, the city of dreams as many call it, the city which is also the nerve centre of film making. It was important to have a landmark destination for people all across the globe to get as close as they could get to Films, and hence this Park, not anywhere else, but right inside the city, in fact right inside the Filmcity of Mumbai, where so many movies are actually shot!

2) Does this have any similarities to Ramoji Film City?

While Ramoji is a massive in size & almost a city in itself with film sets with rides, etc. Bollywood Park is more intimate & focus on finer points of film production but in a fun & educative manner. While the visitors can expect 100 fun & enjoyment, the park also caters to young minds at schools & colleges where the focus is on edutainment.  

3) Will the audience also get to recreate scenes and be a part of iconic Bollywood set ups?

Yes, absolutely at our Rajasthan Haveli set, South Indian setup Or Goa street. Apart from that one can try their acting & singing skills at our in-house Chroma studio where all the edits happen on the spot.

4) How is this park different from all the others that exist around the world?

Well we would like to believe that we are different while inherently almost all parks are designed to entertain. I think our main USP is that we are right in the midst of the Film City, which is the Mecca off filmmaking in India. So part from just our park one, also soak in the whole filmy vibe. Secondly a visitor doesn’t not need to commit a full day for visiting the park. One can spend as less as 3-4 hours & still enjoy the park to the fullest. Not to mention we are within the Mumbai City (20 mins from the airport & 45mins from the sea link) which saves a lots of tome for Mumbaikars as oil an average it takes 1.5 – 2 hours to reach any such park.

Bollywood Theme Park

5) What should the fans look forward to and expect?

Bollywood Theme Park in the coming months will become an iconic must visit place in Mumbai. There’s a lot one can also learn about filmmaking, editing, story writing and special effects, which I think is going to be a very big attraction to our visitors. It’s going to be appealing for people of all age demographics. There’s something for everyone from the age of 4 to 80 here. We believe it’s going to be educational too so a lot of schools and colleges can come here. One can celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and everything at the Bollywood Park as well.

6) What has been your inspiration behind the project?

This thought had already crossed my mind. I have been toying with this idea for quite some time. My partners, MOS Utility has already been working with the government since 2014 for Bollywood film tours, and it seemed like the obvious next big step. Finally, when the government with their support and Filmcity came together and approved our idea and came together as partners, we picked up steam on this idea and came up with this Bollywood Park.

7) What’s your favourite part of the park?

I would say The Army themed restaurant which is very close to my heart. I think it is probably the first of its kind in Mumbai & may be India. 

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