Raise your hands if kajal was one of the first makeup products you ever tried out! It was mine too. I faintly remember applying a subtle line of it on my waterline before I went to school and obviously getting reprimanded for it. Like me, most of you began your journey into the world of beauty with kajal. Before even eyeliners walked into our lives, we spent hours trying to master the perfect wing with a kajal pencil. I know I did for sure! 

The perfect kajal has the power to totally transform your entire look, no? And there’s so much to experiment with it too. You could always opt for a simple look by lining your waterline or if you’re a fan of making your eyes pop, you could also line your eyes. In the mood for some feisty drama? An intense, bold cat-eye is all you need. See? You can have some fun times with a kajal. Well, by now it’s safe to say that I’ve played around quite a bit with this particular product. Read on to know which kajals are the ones I’d repurchase in a heartbeat.

Kay Beauty, Waterproof 24H Kajal

Kay Beauty, Waterproof 24H Kajal (Source: www.nykaa.com)

Um, this one could easily be my most repurchased product of the year. Infused with nourishing ingredients like ceramide and chamomile, it also offers smudge-proof pigment. Okay, I know waterproof kajals happen to be a big no-no for most of you because taking them off can prove to be hella perilous. However, Kay Beauty’s Waterproof 24H kajal is one that comes off with an oil cleanser oh-so-easily.

Nykaa Beauty, Black Magic Kajal

Nykaa Beauty, Black Magic Kajal (Source: www.nykaa.com)

As the name suggests, Nykaa Beauty’s Black Magic kajal is probably the only one out there will a super creamy formula. It almost feels like you’re using a pot eyeliner that glides on effortlessly. My favourite part about this product is how it can withstand sweat, water, heat— practically everything! Yup, even 2 hours of a sweaty workout doesn’t make it budge.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Chroma Stix

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Chroma Stix (Source: www.sephora.nnnow.com)

Yes, I know the Chroma Stix range by Anastasia Beverly Hills is more widely known for its vibrant hues, however, I absolutely loved the black shade. Unlike usual kohls which are extremely pigmented in the very first swipe, this one has a buildable intensity in terms of colour. Face it, we’re not always looking for smouldering eyes, are we? 

Smashbox Cosmetics, Always On Gel Liner

Smashbox Cosmetics, Always On Gel Liner (Source: www.sephora.nnnow.com)

Ever wondered what using a gel eyeliner in a pencil is like? Smashbox Cosmetics’ Always On Gel Eyeliner will definitely show you. Probably the creamiest formula out of the lot that even lets you blend it. So if you’re looking for a versatile kajal that will be your bestie when it comes to creating a smudged vibe or even a smokey eye, this is it!

Plum, Eye-Swear-By Kohl Kajal

Plum, Eye-Swear-By Kohl Kajal (Source: www.nykaa.com)

A deep, matte-black formula that’s smudge-proof and doesn’t transfer at all? Say hello to Plum’s Eye-Swear-By Kohl Kajal. Yep, this one won’t give you panda eyes even after you rub your eyes. If you happen to be someone with sensitive eyes, this kajal comes enriched with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e.

Health & Glow, Retractable Kajal

Health & Glow, Retractable Kajal (Source: www.healthandglow.com)

The retractable kajal from Health & Glow comes with a gel-like texture that glides on super smoothly. It has a long-lasting hold that refuses to budge, yep! What we love about this kajal is how intensely pigmented its colour is along with being a matte finish.

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