Pet Puraan is Sony Liv‘s new show with a fresh perspective of pet parenting. The show beautifully portrays the struggles of a couple who don’t want to have children and how they navigate their life around finding a pet they can co-parent. In the modern age, a growing number of couples choose not to raise a child together for multiple reasons and wish to raise pets together. Pet Puraan focuses on the journey of one very similar couple Atul and Aditi played by actors Lalit Prabhakar and Sai Tamhankar.

The show revolves around their journey of finding a pet they can adopt and the ups and downs of adoption and parenting an animal. It is a feel good show which has it’s moments of pure situational comedy that will tickle your funny bone and moments that will wistfully leave you thinking about the dire condition of animals and the problems of pet adoption. The show in simple ways highlights very important aspects of marriage and show how the couple doesn’t want kids and some how even give in to societal pressure only to find their feet back and stick to their original decision. The show is a very modern and relatable take on how the couple adopts Baku, a rescue Golden Retriever and go about life dealing with several problems that get thrown their way.

It shows a very different side of love and focuses on the purity and sincerity of unbounded and unconditional love which leaves me at a loss of words by the end of it. Although, what really got me thinking was Pet Adoption and how most people go the easy way and just buy pets when they can actually do the rescue animals a favour by adopting them. Thinking along the same path, I bring to you 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t resort to buying pets and try adoption.

1) Rescues Need And Deserve A Home Too

Rescues are loving and when abandoned they usually feel helpless and scared. Giving them a home makes them feel safe and also gives them a sense of security. This also makes you feel wholesome and allows you to give a needy creature a home. It works beautifully because you get to have a pet and the animal gets to have a happy home.

2) You Can Save An Animal From Misery and Homelessness

Every animal deserves a happy home. When banished from the owner’s home, they feel hopeless and are usually living in terrible conditions with no food, water and fighting several illnesses. It would be good for them to get a home and live in good conditions. More than anything, it allows you to perform a good deed and feel gratified as the dog gives you unconditional love.

3) Your Miniscule Effort Towards Stopping Animal Cruelty

Animals when abandoned live in bad conditions. They are usually battling several health conditions. When kept in shelters, they are not taken care of, treated badly, made to live in terrible living conditions. You can do yourself and the animals a favour by getting a pet for yourself and giving the animal love, care and nurturing.

4) Healthy For Your Wallet And Soul

Buying a pet can cost you a fortune and burn a hole in your pocket. Adopting a pet fills your soul and make you feel unbelievably wholesome. Adoption is fulfilling for your soul and your wallet. You can also derive the pleasures of owing an older and well-trained animal.

5) You’ll Improve Their Life And Yours

With adoption, you have a shot at enriching two lives. You get to bring a pet home and build a life with the presence of an animal and the animal gets to be a part of happy home where it gets the love it deserves. Animals are very giving and can transform your life with their presence and unconditional love. A small effort towards this will be life changing and your life will be flooded with wholesomeness.

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