Moms are the most selfless beings on the planet. They always put their family’s needs over their own. Moms have been conditioned to put their needs and demands below everyone else’s. They have been made to believe a set of things and they are put in a box to just act within a certain structure but why? Do moms stop having a life after having kids? Is it that as women, we’re always expected to live our life for other people and never for ourselves. Why the rigidity and why the rules? And who made these rules? As moms, a lot is expected out of them without ever considering their needs and expectations. They have always been put beneath the rest of us which is terrible considering everything they do for us. And this Mother’s Day, allow your moms to falter and let them be because they’re just like us. Here are 4 things that moms need to stop making themselves feel bad about.

1) Taking A Break

As moms, taking a break feels like a farfetched luxury when it shouldn’t. You need to put your needs, priorities, and self above everyone else’s at least for once. It is essential to sit back, breathe, relax, and just forget about the million things that keep bothering you. As moms, it is almost impossible to not worry or be carefree but the least you can do is allow yourself some time to rejuvenate. Taking a break is important for everyone, let alone a mom. As fighters who conquer the whole world for their family each and every day, a day off is the least you can reward yourself with.

2) Not Being Available

Moms are expected to be available and be around all the time. They are believed to be superhumans which believe me, they are. Well, how else could you manage everything and still not lose that gorgeous smile? But well, they can’t always be on top of everything. It is the toughest thing to say ‘No’ as a parent but it is also important. Being there for your children is one thing and just allowing everyone to walk over you all the time is different. Know your worth as a mother and it’s absolutely okay if you can’t be present all the time.

3) Making A Mistake

Moms are expected to follow the right path and never make a mistake but that’s impossible. It’s human to make mistakes and more so, sometimes it’s best to allow moms to just be human and put them off the pedestal. Moms can falter, they can mess up and it’s normal. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s overriding and critical for us also to forgive our parents when they make a mistake and forgive ourselves when we make one as parents. Parents are made to believe that they can never go wrong but the hard truth is that sometimes they will and we just have to accept it along the way.

4) Working

In most families, there is nothing worse than a working mom and there is nothing more stupid than that. A working mom is a reflection of a strong, independent woman who teaches her children to stand on their own two feet. Working Moms aren’t synonymous with incapable moms, but they very well could be synonymous with powerful moms. A working mom is just as efficient, capable, loving, and attentive as a stay-at-home mom. Whatever you do as a mom is a choice you make and it should be celebrated and respected not maligned and degraded.

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