Excessive perspiration, as well as an accumulation of oil, grime and germs on skin, can all contribute to acne. It is believed that a workout session can also expose you to conditions wherein the acne-causing bacteria and yeast can thrive. Despite this, those who want clean skin don’t have to stop exercising. The trick is to keep yourself clean before, during and after your workouts. So, we reached out to Dr. Noopur Jain, MD Dermatology and Founder of SkinZest, and asked her to share a few tips that can help us prevent breakouts post our workout sessions. Read on to know all that she shared!

1. Remove Your Makeup

When we exercise, the blood flow to our skin increases, and the pores open as a result. When a layer of makeup is applied to the face, perspiration and germs can become trapped in the pores, resulting in acne.


2. Clean Your Equipment

Make sure the surface of any gym equipment that comes in contact with your skin is clean. Given that the equipment is being used by many people, there may be oil, grime and bacteria on it. If you work out while listening to music, make sure you use your own headphones.

3. Tie Your Hair In A Bun

When working out, knot your hair if feasible. Natural oils and haircare products can be transferred to the skin when hair falls on the face, trapping moisture. This can block pores, resulting in acne breakouts.


4. Avoid Touching Your Face

When working out, avoid touching your face with your hands. This is because any dirt, dust or germs from the gym equipment can be transmitted to your face, resulting in pore blockage and skin diseases. Keep in mind that the skin on your face is more delicate than the rest of your body, and needs to be cared for accordingly.

5. Change Your Gym Clothes ASAP

The longer you keep your gym clothing on after a workout, the more germs and dirt will develop in your skin pores. Furthermore, sports bra can irritate your skin when the tight traps rub against it.

6. Showering Is Essential

Never miss the shower after a strenuous gym workout, no matter how exhausted you are. Also, instead of hot water, shower with lukewarm water. Hot water strips your skin of essential oils, leaving it dry and irritated. Wash your face and body with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. But, before you begin, make sure you wash your hands! They carry the most amount of germs and dirt.


7. Cleanup

Wear clean clothing after a shower and throw your exercise clothes in the wash. Wear the same exercise clothing no more than twice before washing them.

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