Amongst the many wonderful and talented actors on television, there are a few of them have left us extremely charmed. One of them is actor Kunal Jaisingh who we saw as Omkara in Ishqbaaz and now we see him in Muskuraane Ki Wajah Tum Ho as Kabir Shekhawat, the show went on yesterday on Colors TV. While as an actor he has made some smart choices, his shows have been a sure shot to success. Recently I spoke to Kunal and there were a lot of interesting things to say about his journey, Ishqbaaz, and also his latest project.

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A decade in this industry, and a list of some amazing projects from Pratigya to Ishqbaaz to now Muskuraane Ki Wajah Tum Ho, when you look back at the journey you have had how does it feel?

It feels great. Honestly, I feel very blessed that I got the opportunity to play so many different characters. I got to be a part of so many different storylines. It’s just overwhelming at times and I feel very grateful and honoured that people put so much trust in me that they give me these opportunities to explore.

Do you feel happy and proud of every project that you took up?

Absolutely, I am happy and proud of everything that I take up because taking up a project is not like something that comes your way and you pick it up. There is a lot of careful consideration from all directions. A lot of coordination and thought goes behind everything that happens on a show and in the life of a character. So, I am definitely proud of every character I have played, big, small, does not matter.

Omkara from Ishqbaaz became a gamechanger for you, how did the journey change post that?

Yes, Omkara did become a gamechanger for me and I will always be thankful that my producers at 4 Lions trusted me so much to play such an important and diverse character. They really believed in me, so I always say that today wherever I am it’s somewhere because of them. Things have changed, the spectrum of roles and shows offered to me has expanded. I suddenly became this sensation with Ishqbaaz, I experienced a lot of things. I am very happy that Omkara happened in my life, things have only been an upward journey from there. Omkara has been my lucky charm.

Also, did that stardom change you as a person?

Yes, of course, stardom changed me as a person. It got me more grounded and balanced and it got me to understand that to be grateful you need to be appreciative of every good that comes your way. Anything that comes as a challenge you should look at it as something you need to overcome to have personal growth. Stardom also has its good and bad, stardom changed me to become a better person and I believe it should be like that for everyone.

Kunal Jaisingh (Source: Instagram | @kunaljaisingh)

Do you feel you have gotten your due credit in the industry?

Anybody’s journey is very unique so due credit for one person might be small, the same for another might be his aspiration. So I believe that you are a product of cause and effect in life, so the way my journey has been of course I have gotten credit for everything. You can always look to achieve more, and become bigger and better at what you do, but the day you start feeling I got my due is the day you limit yourself for growth and you are putting a barrier somewhere. I feel aspiration is always important and whatever you receive will always be your due credit.

Tell me something about Muskuraane Ki Wajah Tum Ho.

It’s beautiful, its full of drama, there is laughter, chaos, heartbreak, tears, love, and everything in this. So it’s one mixed bag of things that are there along with emotions. You can also expect a different perspective to things that are genuinely happening in the world.

Is Kabir Shekhawat different or similar to any other characters you have played?

Kabir Shekhawat has his own charm, you will always find some similarities between different characters that you play. The challenge is how do you make it different, it’s not always black and white, there’s always grey. Kabir is different, he is very optimistic, someone who never gets defeated. He never wants to disrespect anyone; he is always up for learning. He believes in the concept of equality. He is also dependable.

Also, any plans to explore OTT or film space soon?

I do get offers for OTT, films not so much, but the roles that come my way are not something I will be okay to portray. The roles I do like portray, I don’t get those offers. So hopefully when the time is right, the right thing will come my way.

Well, I hope Kunal finds a dynamic role in the OTT space or films soon, but till then I am going to enjoy watching him as Kabir Shekhawat on Muskuraane Ki Wajah Tum Ho which will air on Colors TV.